Ciao Italia!
by Mrs Binelli

Buon Apetito!

Food is very important to Italians. For breakfast many people will drink a cappuccino with a sweet pastry or cookie. The most common things to eat are pizza and pasta. Ravioli and lasagna are my favorite pasta dishes. Finally, Italy is famous for its gelato, or ice cream. Buon Apetito!      

Fun in Italy

Italians love many sports but soccer is definitely the nation's favorite. They also enjoy alpine skiing since Italy is in the Alps Mountains. Bocce is a game played by young and old. They try to see who can get their ball closest to a marker by throwing.

   Carnival is celebrated at the beginning of Lent in Venice. Locals dress in exquisite costumes and masks.

Some History of Italy

   Italy is rich is history most notably that of Ancient Rome. These remains can be visited today: the colosseum, ancient roman forum, and many others.

Italy is on the continent of Eurpoe. Italians say it has the shape of a woman's boot.  It is a peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and covered with the Alp Mountains in the north.

Luciano Pavorotti sings O Sole Mio

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