Sky High

           Table of contents

  • Down Hill I Go
  • My Name
  • The Golden Feather
  • Priroda
  • Loneliness... Five-Sense Poem
  • Love... Cinquain Poem
  • What I Am... Self Image Poem
  • Beauty In Everything... Wondering Poem
  • Do You Not Want To Be Insane?... Hyperbole/Exaggeration Poem
  • Cursed
  • If I Were
  • self- reflection

Down   Hill   I   Go

For about a month I have been hinting my parents what I wanted for my birthday. Most girls would ask for a new Blythe Doll, or something girly, but my wishes were to have my first bike. I was going to be six years old, and as I grow my curiosity grows too. I’ve watched older children ride a bike and had inferred that it is easy.

Three days before my birthday I had asked my brother, Edgar, if I could ride his bike. “You are too small, and if you fall you’ll scratch my bike. Plus mom is going to get mad at me if you get hurt.” Edgar argued.

“It doesn’t look that hard.” I pleaded.

“Stop, I said no!” he screamed. Edgar is always moody; when it comes to his belongings he is like a dog.

On February 9, I woke up anxiously waiting for someone to bring me my new bike, but it seemed like no one was at home.

“Have my mommy and daddy forgotten of my birthday and gone out without me?” I asked to myself.

I got out of my PJ's and put on a more appropriate outfit for if I were to have a surprise party or something like that.

The barking of hunger dogs on the back yard got me by surprise; I had forgotten that it was my week to feed the dogs. Blackie was the oldest dog we had. She had long, soft black hair, but she is extremely mean. The only time I ever got to pet her, was when she was a puppy; it was also the last, because she bit me. Edgar, Aaron, nor I could get close to her, if we do she would try to bite or attack us. My father and mother were the only two persons in the world who could feed or give her water. Bruno was a street dog who had followed me home once, so I convinced my dad to reason with my mom about keeping him. He had smooth, but short tan brown fur; He was also very thin.

“FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!” My parents and brothers yelled in unison.

On the back I could see a yellow with black bike; it was a Huffy Revolt 20.

“Gracias, los quiero muchisisisimo.” I thanked them with tears and laughter.

“Bueno, Chikita prueba tu bicicleta nueva.” My father suggested trying to sound in a playful commanding way.

The sand path I practice on was infested with rocks, and instead of quitting it felt like I had to overcome this challenge. I had fallen about twenty times on that day, but I was too excited to care. When I took a shower I could feel the bruises and scratches. It sting as if I were in a tub submerged in needles.

I wasn't discouraged on mastering a bike because of some very hurtful bruises. It was much easier, because I now knew how to start pedaling without falling, steer, and balance myself. I set my bike straight to practice turning while been in a fast pace, when suddenly I felt a big heavy hand on my shoulder.

“Chikita, que vas a hacer?” My father asked me.

“I was going to practice my bike skills. Why?” I responded.

“Quieres ir a dar una vuelta al parque de atras? Asi practicas y yo te ayudo.” He asked hopping I’ll say yes.

“OK,” I agreed.

Our house was next to a ranch, but passing that ranch we go down a hill, across a bridge, a few turns, and we were on a well hidden park.

My father goes back inside to get his things ready. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that he was putting an olive drab green baby basket on his bike.

“Why are you taking that?” I asked referring to the baby basket on the back of his bike.

“Oh, voy a llevar a tu hermanito.” He responded. Danny, my younger brother, was only four months old at that time. My father wrapped him in a small aero blue blanket for the trip.

The ranch owner is a friend of the family, so he would let us enter his property. Once we were in I could smell the hay cows and horses eat, bull’s feces, and fresh watered grass. We had at least reached the end of the ranch, and thank God we were far enough for the odors to diminish. There was an elderly lady watering her Cattleya Skinneri flowers in front of her house.

“Hola, como esta?” My father gritted the lady.

“Bien gracias.” The lady responded with a smile.

We had finally reached the top of the hill. “Bajate de la bicicleta. Vas a caminar la bajada, OK.” My father commanded.

“OK. Papi porque tu no te vas a bajar de tu bicicleta?” I asked confused.

“Porque yo lla tengo anos de practica, y tu solo tienes tres dias.” My father stated.

“How hard could it be to ride a bike down a hill? He was carrying, Danny, on his arm and riding down, so it couldn't possibly be that hard.” I thought of this while walking down the hill. I decided to try it, therefor I jumped on my bike. I hadn't started pedaling when the bike went straight down pulled by gravity. I tried to break but I couldn't; I didn't know how. I looked back imploringly to my father. I saw him stop and put Danny, on the baby basket, down on the floor. My hands were getting sweaty, and slipping.

The bridge was made simply to get across; you could see it was made by a novice. There was no handles or rails to prevent you from falling to the side; it was just a simple steady bride. The river that flowed through it was dry, causing the humongous, sharp rocks to show. I was getting closer and closer to the edge of the hill and into the stream my hair was flowing everywhere is if trying to escape the fall.

“AH!” I cried a loud scream of pain coming from my head. I was flying through the skies. From one second to another I was in my father’s arms. He had grabbed my hair, jumped out of his bike, and caught me before I hit hard ground. My bike kept on going forward and eventually in to the stream; it was the last time I saw it. My father had to yank my hair, otherwise I would have had the same destiny as my bike; long gone it was.

After this scary encounter with death I had learned to take advice from others more seriously, even if it seems silly it can save your life.

My  Name

A light upond the darkness, a scarlet moon

The name Skarlette is a restatement of, Scarlet. When looked up as a meaning it is said that it gives you a clever mind, good business judgment, and an appreciation of the finer things of life.

My mother had taken my name from a tradition of a friend’s family. Every girl born in their family was named Scarlet, but spelled differently (Skarlet, Escarlet, Scarlett). My mother loved the idea of having a visible connection through their name, so she named me Skarlette.

I never liked my name as a child; people couldn’t pronounce it well. I wished they had named me something shorter like Skylar but not anymore. In my younger years I had a more mature interest than kids my age. Now I understand that it was name influencing my actions and mentality.

Many children call me Abi; it’s a shorter version of my middle name, Abigail. For them it’s a lot easier Abi than Skarlette or even Abigail. My family also calls me Abi for it’s a lot less complicated, therefore when my mother calls me by my first name I’m probably in trouble.

Red is what my name is made of; its passion, dedication, love, positive energy, leadership. A light illuminating the dark sky, a scarlet moon.

The  Golden  Feather

Senseless people, they don’t know what a proper noun is; supposedly, this is a Pre-AP class.  “Mr. Ivescoff back to earth. I’ve asked a Question?” Mrs. Wesley voice was firmed, but her eyes gave her away. She was pleading me to save her from her drowning.

  “A proper noun is the assign name to a person, place, or thing, which need to be capitalized.” I responded with no effort what so ever, and dumbing it out for the others to understand.

“Good, someone has been paying attention.” Mrs. Wesley gave me what seemed to be a weak smile.

  The bell rang; finally school ended.  “Michael, come.”  He makes a dramatic turn and stops by my side. Michael is an airhead who does whatever I tell him to do; although girls find him attractive. I guess those green eyes must do the trick.

  “I’m going to the park and you’re coming with me.”

  “Why are we going there? You hate nature.”

“I met this girl who loves birds, and I have a research paper due tomorrow.”

“Dude, you are the smartest guy ever. Why do you want a random girl to write it for you? And plus you can do that in an hour.” The answer to his question was obvious.

“Diana’s birthday party is today and I don’t have time to do a ridiculous bird paper.” I couldn’t waste my time explaining my plan to him.

“Have you notice that lately there has been a lot of birds in school?” At a far distance I could see a shadow flying away. I couldn’t distinguish what it was; the sun was in my way.

“Na, I don’t think so.” Michael’s comment drew my attention back.

We finally arrived to Noon Lions Park, where Susan was passing out flyers.

“Stupid birds they are everywhere.” I murmured to myself while walking towards her.

“Hello, my sweet angel. How nice to see again. What’s this?’ I couldn’t careless, but I needed to butter her up. She kept on going on and on about this rear bird. On a far tree I once again saw that weird creature. The sun reflected from it making it hard to establish a clear image of what it was. I turned my attention back to Susan; she was still going on about that bird.

“You know I have this paper due tomorrow and this would be the perfect topic.” I looked at her with so much enthusiasm that even I could have believed myself.

“Did you know that when you speak of birds your beautiful eyes glow. Those mesmerizing brown eyes turn to gold and surpass the beauty of the sunset.” I turn to see the horizon making it more dramatic. When I turn to look at her, she was blushing.

“I could never exceed the poetry and passion of your love towards birds and not nearly could I ever put it into paper.” I could see that she was sustaining herself from blearing out what I wanted to hear.

“It’s getting late, I need to go. If it were up to me I would stay here next to you admiring your beauty under the moon light.” I was getting tired of this game.

“You know I could do it for you.”

“Wow, thank you. You surprise me at every turn. I love that.” I gave her one of my best smiles and left.

“Dude you had her eating out of your hand.” Michael couldn’t have said anything more true.

“Yes, I know. Now let’s get out of here, this place is crawling with birds.” We walked to my car.

“Michael, give me my keys.”

“What do you mean? I don’t have them.” He answered confused.

“I’m going to kill you. This is why I never trust you with anything. Not even something as simple as taking care of my keys. I don’t want to see you, walk home. Leave!”

I was crossing the street when that creature again. It seemed to have some sort of beak. Its wigs stretched up to about three feet each side. When it passed through a light post, its feathers reflected the light as if it were a gold mirror. I covered my eyes for it was too much light in a dark street. As I opened them I saw a gold feather fall to my feet.

“What is this?”  You could see that the feather’s texture was like a silk. “How can that be?”  I studied the feather like object, but was very careful not to touch it.

I was so caught up in studding the feather like object that I didn’t realized I was in the middle of the street. Two bright lights, by each second coming faster and faster without any signs of stopping was coming my way. I tried to get out of the way, but when I took a step I slipped with something and fell hurting my ankle. The last thing I saw, before my last seconds alive was a shadow flying away.


You feel everything; the warm of the sun, the life within every living thing. Not only did I felt connected to earth, but also to every person that surrounded me.

January 2, 2001 I remembered clearly awakening out of a nightmare, or so I thought it was. A suicide occurred on the dorm next to mine. I felt her pain, her sorrow, her death. I had lived through her eyes every memory of suffering; they all played fast and very painful. The connection between that poor girl and I was too strong. I didn’t know how to shot her out; the pain within her transferred into me pushing me towards a deep depression. I started taking antidepressants that seemed to put a small barrier between me and my powers. They were still there I could feel them, but not with the same intensity. I was just five years old, I couldn’t handle what my powers gave me; therefore, I decided to try and let go of my special abilities. I thought that if I ignored them with time I’ll suppress them and eventually they would just disappear.

It took me over a year to completely evade the life that surrounded Maharishi Boarding School. I started to push every friend that I had, anyone who could provoke any emotion in me.

I am currently seventeen and have no friends. I fear that if I get too attached to someone I’ll get hurt. It has been twelve years since the devastating incident and so far I haven’t felt my powers.

I’ve lived in Maharishi Boarding School institution all my life not knowing who my parents are, or who brought me here. All I know is my name, Livet Catherwood.

It’s the beginning of the second semester, and every girl is inquisitive about having the new professor. As a walked to chemistry, my last class, I felt a weird sensation within me. It felt very familiar, like a nice tingle that surrounded every inch of my body.

“Ouch,” I had bumped into the closing door. I was too lost in my thoughts just realizing I had dropped my books. I bent down to gather them when the door opens and hits me again.

“I am terribly sorry madam.” I very handsome guy stents his hand to help me up.

“It…It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.” I kept on staring at him when I realized that his hand was still extended to me. When our hands met, the strange sensation got stronger, and my heart accelerated. Finally I was up on my feet, but our hands where still holding each other. His eyes sparkled; those dark brown eyes seemed to glow under the sun making them seem gold. Every inch of his face was the exact definition of perfection. A strong jaw line, a perfect soft tan, his hair was dark sandy blond. I saw his eyes studying me too. I pulled away.

“Thank you.” That is all I could manage to say.

“For hitting you in the head?” he responded me with a chuckle.

“Not necessarily, I meant to say um, uh, you know what, just forget it.”

“Alright then miss, if no more is to be said,” he made a brief pause then continues, “You should enter. Class is about to begin.”

As I entered twenty pairs of eyes observed my every move.

“Well class my name is Mr. Ivescoff, and I’m going to be your chemistry professor.”

Oh God, he is my professor! What a great way to introduce myself. Every girl was staring at him with hungry eyes while I was trying not to make eye any contact what so ever.

That weird sensation was still within me, but what is it? Finally, the last bell rang to dismiss us. In a matter of seconds a crowd of girls invaded the professor’s desk. I think it was my imagination, but I thought I saw his eyes following me until I got to the door.

Once I got to my dorm I felt safe. What I had felt before was gone; tiredness and anxiety had replaced it. I had never gotten so much attention in one day, it was exhausting.

The next day the same sensation manifested when I entered my chemistry class. Even though every girl had applied pounds of makeup, it seemed like they forgot to sleep; small dark circles appeared under their eyes.

“Ok class, we are to make small experiments with chemical reactions. You are going to predict what color and reaction the mix chemicals may produce on the sheet of paper next to you.” His voice sounded so determined and confident, like he could rule an army. “Discourse, with your partner your results afterwards.”

My partner, Elizabeth, was sick so I guess I was going to do this on my own.

“Miss. Catherwood, you’ll be working with me.” His words felt like a bucket of ice hit my face. Once again nineteen pairs of eyes observed my every move. He moved next to me getting all the equipment ready. I wasn’t going to let him do all the work and make me feel useless. I grabbed the instructions and read them as fast as I could. That feeling was stronger than ever today, it didn’t let me concentrate correctly. I did the first and second experiments to perfection and my hypothesis were on the dot. I reach for a test tube at the same time as Mr. Ivescoff did; our hands met for a few seconds. The tips of my fingers felt electrified for those four seconds. A current of happiness flowed through me then afterwards I felt really tired. My eyes were feeling really heavy, my body felt weak, and my legs trembled.

“Are you feeling alright?” his voice sounded concern

“Uh, yes I just feel a little drowsy.” My words came out weaker than I thought.

“It’s only five till the bell would you like to go to your dorm?” His hand was on my shoulder. The air felt thin, I felt light headed, out of a sodden everything was in slow motion. Either people were getting tall fast or I was shrinking suddenly I felt strong arms holding me tight.

I woke up lying in the nurse’s office. “Oh, you’re awake.” Her voice sounded like an echo in my head. I looked around.

“How did I get here? Why am I here? What happened?” I tried to stand up, but I instantly felt to me knees. My head was spinning and once again I was down. This time I woke up in a cold white room.

“She is awake.”

I saw an old man approach to me. Everything was very blurry I couldn’t define shapes.

“You are alright Livet.” His voice was kind, but weak. “It’s time for you to show your true nature.” He sounded ill. “You are in danger. Don’t trust anyone.” I felt something warm and soft on my forehead. I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

I woke up again I was definitely in a hospital. “Why am I here?” My mouth felt dry.

“Goody, you’re awake.” The school’s nurse welcomed me back with a smile. I tried to smile back but it hurt.

“Oh, here,” She gave me some water and Chap Stick. “I also took the liberty of bringing you some clothing.”

“Thank you. Why am I here?”

“We don’t know. You’ve been under observation for a month.” My eyes widen in surprise to her answer.


“The doctors said that you were in a coma, but know you are alright.”

“Ok, um so what now.” I didn’t know what else to say. I don’t know what happened to me.

“We go back to the institution like nothing happened and monitor you for any symptoms.” The ride back was long; it was midnight by the time we arrived to the institution.

“What date is it?” I asked before I entered my dorm.

“January 2. Goodnight now. Sleep well” she gave me a small smile and left.

Later on I felt tired by the time I reached chemistry.

“Welcome back Miss. Catherwood.” It was the first time in the whole day that anyone had welcomed me back from my hospital trip.

“Thank you.” I gave him a tight smile and sat down. The class was about to begin. I got my book out when a small card burst out of my bag.

“Why it’s your birthday.” Mr. Ivescoff had picked up the card.

“Uh, yes” I didn’t know who in the world would put that there. Maybe it was the nurse; I'll thank her later.

“Happy 18th birthday.” I looked up at him with surprise. How would he know that I was 18? I tried giving him a kind smile then a nod of confirmation. He gave me the card back.

Once I had it in my hands I examined it. It had a very beautiful nature background and letters imprinted on the right side of it, “Have a nice birthday.” We were going to watch educational videos, so the lights were turned off. I was about to put the card back in my bag when I notice something was glowing inside of it. I opened the card again, “Remember what I told you.” The words were on the left bottom corner next to what seemed to be the brand, Priroda.

After class I looked up the brand, but nothing came out. I was about to give up when I realized it could be on another language. I spent the whole afternoon checking every language, and finally it came out. Nature. That was it. Who would have given me this?

A small fragment of some sort of dream came to me. It was blurry and it was a man, an old man. It must be a dream; I don’t remember meeting anyone. Once I was asleep in my dreams I saw the image again. "You are not safe. Show your true self." I woke up sweating.

I went through all my classes like a zombie. I couldn't forget what I had dreamt. Nobody knew of my powers, but why was I in danger? I was too lost in my thoughts that I wasn’t looking where I was going. My face smashed into a hard surface. Strong arms surrounded me. That scent I recognize it. My whole body felt safe and secure, and that strange feeling it was there too.

"Miss Catherwood, are you alright?" Mr. Ivescoff’s face lowered to mine. My breathing suddenly accelerated like if I had run a marathon. He pulled me closer, his eyes were examining me. Our faces were so close together, I closed my eyes and leaned in. "Miss. Catherwood, are you feeling alright? Do you want for me to take you to the nurse? "I stopped moving and opened my eyes, "Uh, yes I'm fine thank you." I left as fast as humanly possible.

I was getting ready for bed when I found a note under my pillow.

Dear Livet,

I apologize for my lack of communication. I ashore you that even though you never saw me, well at least not in your full five senses, that I've always been there to guard you and protect you. I am deeply sorry for not been there when you had that terrible incident. My poor Livet, you were so young, so innocent. That is in the past, you are now in danger, my sweet girl. You have to protect yourself against evil. Someone has infiltrated my data and has found you. Don’t search for me, I may be dead already. The only defense you have is your powers. Only the force of your will can summon them back.

Ps. I've made a series of letters that would be given to you at the right time. Be careful and remember to never trust anyone.

How? What? Who can this be? I grabbed the note and stuffed it in my bag. I couldn't sleep, that note sounded so real, and it seemed connected to my dream.

I got to chemistry, but nobody was there. I could see backpacks, purses, football gear, but no living human. I entered, put my things down and exit. There was chaos and music playing outside.

"Miss Catherwood, why are inside go out with the rest." I looked at Mr. Ivescoff with a confused face.

"See they all had stupendous results from their exam, so I thought they needed a break, this would motivate them to do best every time they quiz" His voice relaxed, and explained to me with casualty. It would seem like we knew each other for a long time. For the rest of the day we joked talked about formulas, and joked some more.

"What are your wishes, to when you finish high school?" his question came out of nowhere.

"I don't know. I don’t have family that I know of, and I also don’t have any money."

"Interesting, how come?"

"Someone put me here and well that is all. Everything was paid for me."

"Wow, so you've lived here all your life?"

"Yes." I had nearly forgotten that weird sensation until he got very close to me. He lean in and stretched out his hand; I closed my eyes. He stood up and reached farther for his coffee. I jumped up in embarrassment. His coffee spilled all over me.

"Ah!" I screamed in surprise and because it so dam hot.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Panicked appeared in his face. He grabbed my arm then, suddenly it was no longer hot.

"It's alright" I ran out of there as soon as he let go of my arm. Could it be? No, I’m just making things up. Oh, God maybe he is like me. I entered my dorm and took a quick shower. The steam from the shower created a fog around my room. In the reflection of the mirror I saw something on the window.

"What was your favorite toy from when you were three?" my eyes couldn’t believe it. I go under my bed and took out a small suitcase; in there I had all my childhood toys.

My baby stuff panda wasn't there. Instead I found a very ancient box with rich jewels to decorate it. When I tried to open the small box nothing happened; it wouldn’t open. A gentle knock took my attention away I looked at the clock it was nearly nine.

"Who is it?"

"Um, Miss Catherwood, you have left your bag on my class, so I took the liberty to bring it to you." Oh no, it was Mr. Ivescoff. I was only on my robe so I quickly put on some pants and a shirt. I rushed to the door opening it just a crack.

"Yes, ah thank you." He hands me my bag. Our hands collided and a wave of emotions flow through me. I looked at his face expression; he felt it too.

"It is a relief to see that you are alright." a soft blush appeared on his face.

"May I show you something?" I don't know if this was a good idea but I didn't have anyone else. His body tensed but nodded and entered with hesitation.

"Holy, this is amazing." His eyes were focused on the box on my bed.

"Yes, it is but I can’t open it." He turned to me with amusement in his face.

"What?" I asked with so much curiosity.

"Many years ago a god made two exact small gold boxes just like this one. He had made them for his unborn twin daughters. When the first baby was born he carried her for the first time and light filled the room. The second baby was born but she was different. When he carried her the light of the sun turned to fire. The tragedy of his wife's death by the fire left a very big wound on the god. Therefore he created a weapon to kill his daughters, if their power ever got out of control. He grabbed the first gold box and inserted a chanted ruby for it to only be opened by pure magic. The second gold box was decorated by the finest jewels charmed to only be opened by dark magic. It came a day were his second daughter was unable to control her powers killing the dinosaur species. The god couldn’t continue seen the unbalance of life so he gave his daughters the boxes. He said the knifes in there would help them control their powers, but they first needed to activate them. He told them that they have to focus on their power and let them flow into the knifes. He told them that once they managed to do so they had to insert the knifes on one another's heart. The sisters loved each other so much they couldn't do it. Their father said that because of their powers nothing would happen to each other, but he had lied. They died instantly. His father cried for decades and when the first humans walked the earth one of them caught his eye. This person by only been seen she made everyone around her happy. He did not know how it was possible if he had killed his daughters before they had procreated children. Later on he learned that his first daughter had made a spell that the first drop of blood drawn from their bodies would contain their magic making them humans. Those two drops of blood were their legacy to earth. Now in every 2 billion humans one descendant from their blood lives with a unique ability. The god wanted to know when a dark magic child raised, so he put a mark upon them. A small crescent birthmark appears under their left ankle." By the time he finished with the story I felt more connected to my past. My eyes widen with surprise when he took out a silver long knife it was covered in tanzanite gemstones.

"How?" I couldn’t breathe; I think the room was getting smaller

"Calm down.” He jumped out of the bed and was next to me in seconds. “Breath, come on breathe with me.” He inhale deep and exhale slowly. I tried to mimic him, but I was still in shock. “Steady now." Finally I was able to breathe again; I felt calmer.

"You opened the...the box" He smiled at me very sweetly. He looked at me like a child who had lost her pet. I managed to laugh, but then it turned to panic.

"The feeling we get when we are close is the love of the sisters in our blood looking for each other." After does words left his lips, I felt speechless.

He grabbed the knife, closed his eyes, and suddenly the gems turned black.

"The nurse that helped give birth to me was part of this corporation. When I was born she saw my birthmark knowing that I was the first descendant from dark magic. I was taken away to be raise as one of them. They taught me their beliefs and trained me to control my powers. They are in every part of the world. They knew the second descendant from pure magic was going to be born. Our kind lives more and our youth lasts very long. In my 18th birthday I stopped growing and started to age very slowly. I am over 200 years of age, but I look like I’m 22." My jaw had dropped to the ground, and then he continues talking again, "I was brought here because of you. The corporation got information about you been here. There was no picture no name just brief observations over your powers and life. The first day I couldn’t sense you, but when our hands met emotions ran through me. It was an amazing feeling nothing compare to what they had told me. It was strange though, because I was supposed to feel you from a mile away. I tried to kill you, but you didn't die. You were growing weak like the rest of your classmates but not nearly as quickly as them."

"I don’t have any powers." I tried to manage does words out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

"Ah, ok. So why is it that when I had you were in my arms I had released all my power into you, but you are still alive? I released a fraction of my power every time our bodies collided, but you were still standing. Finally, you reacted and fainted it wasn't what I was expecting but oh, well. To my surprise you manage to awake within the day. I was stunned when I had heard the news. I had used a big amount of power over you, yet you manage to heal fast. I had charmed the room with dark magic so when you awoken you would’ve observed it all." He was playing around with the knife it made me tense.

"What do you mean? You were the reason why I was in the hospital. Now I get it, you were the danger in the warnings." I couldn't say anything else I was shock. I was set to be killed.

"Yes. With every touch I can deliver pain, make you weak, or take it all away. Suffer is my youth and my power. I was raised to kill my brothers and sisters for they and I were supposed to be dead already. We are an abomination to earth." He started to get closer to me.

"Please, please don't do this. I have no powers." I begged with my heart pouring out of my chest.

"I know you managed to hide your powers, but that doesn't mean you got rid of them." I was already on my feet walking backwards while he stood. Only the force of your will can summon your powers back. I tried so hard to connect to my powers. Come on, come on, please I closed my eyes and focused on the air, the life, the heart beats, I focused on my feelings. I felt a spark within me, but disappeared.

"Now don't make this harder than it has to be. You've hidden your powers for so long it won't be as easy to bring them back." He laughs as if it was the funniest joke in the world.

Thump. Ouch. Oh no I'm out of room. He walked closer and closer to me until our noses were close enough to touch.

"Please don't" Tears filled my eyes. I felt his hand wipe them away.

"You are so beautiful." I opened my eyes to meet his.

For a few seconds I saw passion in his eyes. His arms were around me making the connection between us go crazy. I closed my eyes and leaned in he kissed me back! I felt another spark light in me. I kissed him again. I can feel my powers but they were slipping away. I kissed him over and over again.

I can feel my powers surrounding me. I can feel, the love that was within him but hate and anger covered it all up.

"They died in a full moon and that's when you will die." He said between kisses then marched away. I fell to my knees once he was out the door. I cried and cried over and over again for it was all I could do. I woke up the next morning by the blossom of the flowers. I was stunned on how much I've missed waking up to the warmth of life. A tear escaped my watery eyes. I was going to die by the end of the week. I looked around to see if he had left the box but no. I heard singing and laughter from outside it filled me with joy and happiness. I took the fastest shower and put clothing on.

"I'm not letting him take my life away when I just got it back." Grabbed my bag and headed out to the forest. I needed to be at my strongest if I wanted to live. I can feel the carbon dioxide been changed to oxygen by trees, flowers and bushes. I can connect trough life as if it were my own. I sat on the middle of the forest and transferred my mind to one of my classmates. All her memories were shared by a link I've created. It was hard for me to maintain the connection steady. I was out of practice for many years; everything felt new and it scared me.

"Mr. Ivescoff may you come over."


"Now you have a worthy opponent. I'm not going to die by your hands." Once I had finished with my words his face was shock and full of anger. I released the connection between the girl and I.

"Class I'll be right back. I need to do some extra copies.” He was heading to my dorm; I could feel him moving around.

My body was growing weak, so I took some of the energy of the life around me. I reconnected the link my mind going back to the classroom. My powers were still very weak and it was hard for me to avoid what happened years ago. It took all my concentration to move the girl’s body. Every movement I manage to get out of her I grew weaker and more energy I had to get. I was taking her to his room; I needed to get the chest back.

"Mrs. Bernard, why is it that you are out of class?" oh god, no.

"I needed to use the washroom Mr. Ivescoff." He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her inside an empty class room.

"Hello, Miss Catherwood. It was a nice trick you got there, very impressive." I couldn't breathe I felt it all over again; a rope on her throat the air getting thinner. I couldn't take it anymore I exit her mind. I fell down, my palms getting all the heat of the impact. I ran to his dorm not caring what would happen. I needed to get that chest back. Before I had exit her body I heard him whispering some words to her ear for me to hear. I was in the middle of the science building when I stopped. I tried to remember what he said. I quick memory came to me, “The rest would pay the consequences of your actions.”

I was thrown back by a strong wind. Pieces of hard material cut my skin. "AH! STOP" I felt the pain everyone had. It was an explosion! "God, no" The pain from everyone was building up in me; broken legs, big burns, deep cuts, everything. I got up and ran away. I felt my hair been pulled; I fell on pieces of broken glass.

"I warned you didn't I" His face expression was blank, no guilt on it. He pulled me up; I tried to get into his head but I didn’t have the strength.

"Dam!" He was making me weak; I couldn't hold my eyes opened anymore.

I woke up in a coven, somewhere in the forest. I could feel the life around me, so I tried to get some of the power in me.

"Oh, you woke up faster than I thought." He got up from his seat and walked towards me. I hadn't gotten enough power, so I could hardly move.

"You’re healing, good. I need you to be awake for tonight." My eyes widen at his news

"You had me down for two days." my voice was soft it sounded like a whisper.

"Yes, I didn't want for you to be any trouble" He looks around “Here" he tossed me my bag.

He left without a word, but locking the door with an ancient key. I open my bag to see if I had some sort of weapon. To my surprise I found my baby stuffed panda in there. I took it then it converted its self to a beautiful golden box, with only a jewel to decorate it. At the touch of my flesh a cut opened and a small drop of blood dripped into the jewel. The ruby turned bright red opening the box. An exact knife from the other box appeared before my eyes.

I heard a key turning. I grabbed the knife and tossed the box inside my bag again.

“It’s time.” He had a bag in his hands.

“Change quickly.” He gave me a beautiful light green silk dress.

He exit again but this time he didn’t locked the door. I grabbed the dress put it on as fast as I could, then I grabbed the knife and hid it inside my dress. Seconds later he enters and grips my hands between his. I felt very weak.

Once we were outside I summoned all my power to activate the knife. I wasn’t strong enough yet.

“Stay here.” He pushes me down to the hard ground.

My hand found a tree’s root. I concentrated on the life around me; I need power. Once I had enough I got the knife and tried again to activate it. The tanzanite gemstones turned to diamonds.

When he returned he had in his hands the golden black knife. He picks me up with one arm and caries me to an opened area in the woods. I felt him different; he was doubting.

“Please don’t.” I whispered into his ear.

I looked at him but he was already looking at me. That bond we have was getting stronger. I felt his warmth, his kind side. He put me down gently on my feet. He leans in to face my eyes. I felt him getting tensed. A cold shiver ran through me. The light of the moon had finally reached us.

“Good bye” He kisses me.

My knuckles tighten turning white; with all my strength I drag the knife through his heart. His soulless body fell on my arms. My green silk dress turned to scarlet red from the blood. His body banish to dust only leaving the knife behind. I went back to the cabin for my belongings; to my surprise a note was left on the bed.

You may had already killed the intruder but remember there are more. Maybe not like him but they all have the same objective; to kill you. They will not stop at anything to do so, and many people are going to get hurt. You are stronger than you think my dear Priroda.


Loneliness is a transparent color; you can’t see it’s there.

It’s the sound of the voice in your head; the only one that would stay.

Loneliness tastes like a flat soda, after the taste is gone you don’t want it anymore.

It smells like trash under your bed waiting to be notice

And it looks like a black dot on a white paper.

Loneliness feels like a crowded place without a friendly face.

You don't need to be alone to feel loneliness



Painful, Mesmerizing

Lost, Chased, Found

A need to have


What  I  Am

I Used To Be careless of the world

But Now I calculate my every step

People Assume I Am weak and fragile

But Really I Am stronger than my body and mind can show

Beauty  in  Everything

I Do Not Understand

Why different shades of red can BE love and hate

Why power is measured in names and not in brains

Why food is something not everyone has

But Most Of All, I Do Not Understand

Why drug dealers, rapiers, and murders haven’t been caught when cameras surround every corner of this world

What I Do Understand Most Is Nature

It seems to be unpredictable but it has its purpose; what people say that’s unnatural, weird, Ugly its actually beautiful, amazing, breathtaking no matter how devastating things are nature Blooms through with amazing power to reclaim its territory.

Do  You  Not  Want  T o  Be  Insane?

I Wish I Were Not So Insane.

My bizarre mind creates several scenarios for one simple occasion.

It counts every step to a new room, It memorizes what’s around and where could a possible exits be.

My mind goes high above the clouds creating a fantasy world with every different emotion.

I am so insane that I actually try to live up to my creations.

I am a professional publisher; a ruler; always kind, but strong; a professional kick boxer.

If ninjas were to invade my house they would get tangled up in all my measurements and moves; they would get lost in one of my many worlds by trying to understand my insaneness.


Icy fingers gripped my arms in the darkness. "Let's go! They are coming to get us." Isaac commanded. Lucy and I followed him carefully. Isaac was 5’6 feet tall, with dark red hair almost brown. He used to have a nice tan but now he wears a pale white skin. His muscle structure looks the same but he has an incomparable strength. Lucy had skin problems and wore thick glasses, but now she has flawless skin and an eye sight that you could never imagined. I didn't changed much physically except that now I have telepathic abilities. When we were normal people we use to be recklessly; we toke the law into our own hands. Once we nearly burned half of the village church. We had a curse put upon us by the people of our village. It was done to stop us from doing any more damage. We are now destine to hide behind shadows and flee from the sun. This would have been less of a trouble if the curse hadn't changed our diet to blood. Apparently the witch the villagers attended to didn't know about the change of food nor the after effect of the curse giving us special abilities. Now they fear of us, because we are different, we are more powerful, and we have to kill them to survive.

If  I Were

If I were blind, I'd be happy

If I were popular , I'd Be nice

If I were rich, I'd help the poor

If I were a superhero, I'd be lonely

If I were strong, I'd would feel weak


I was happy to get Creative Writing this year. I had had it before but it was mostly doing English work and hardly any story writing. I have honestly loved writing since I was little it’s a way for me to be free, to express myself within all the chaos in my life. I think I have been an ok writer before getting any knowledge of how to do it correctly. In one point of my life I stopped talking to people and writing and drawing had been my way for me to express what I was thinking. It was hard for my family to see me not talking so they told me to create stories and read them to them. After a year I was back to talking but I didn’t stopped writing.

One of my many struggles before enrolling in the class was putting my thoughts into paper. Many ideas came popping out and went away faster than it came; it was frustrating to have a good idea then just have it disappear. Been exposed to so many topics every day extended my knowledge improving my sense of focused. By the middle of the semester I had notice that it was becoming easier for me to write my ideas down without having a messy ball of ideas in my head.

Another problem that I had was my spelling it has always been terrible. Writing everyday helped me increased my vocabulary and get better on my spelling. I can memorize a set of words in ten minutes but I can’t learn them. It comes in handy for tests but when I want to use them on my writing I have no idea what they had meant. Using them and every day in class was a great help to me.

Writing fiction has always been my favorite topic to read and write.  I hardly ever wrote down any of the stories I come up with. I can be washing dishes then suddenly my mind creates a mini movie on my head with in a few minutes the idea disappears. Now that I have more experience and guidance I can think of an Oscar winning book/movie and I have to written down without any problem.

I knew that the way a story is arranged is very important to its content, but I didn’t actually understand very well what it meant. When we had to share our stories in group I then understood that a great story has to be planned to the every small detail. Now that the class has ended my cretic eye has certainly improved to the better.

Over the years I have always admired many authors for their great play of words and now having more experience on the field later on I was thinking of publishing a book and continue writing for fun. Writing my mind on thoughts into different characters has helped me know my inner myself better. One of my works that had helped me was “My Name”.  I didn’t like my name; I thought that it was too weird, but after researching I fell in love with it. I realized that it described me perfectly.

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