Pumpkin Fest Goes Totally Wrong!
                       by: Carly

        On October 18th 2014 an ordinary Pumpkin fest goes crazy in New Hampshire. Unruly college kids from Keene College start a riot at this celebration. Some of this mayhem included starting fires, destroying city property, throwing objects such as beer bottles, and flipping cars. There have been police reports of students ganging up on people, and making threats towards them. Its safe to say this was crazier than a normal college party, and will definitely be a night to remember. Police from all over the area arrived and started to arrest many of the students. The police eventually had to use tear gas and pepper spray. On October 19th, the day after the riot,  groups of students were asked to clean up after their behavior.

Keene College is where the Pumkin Fest was and where the riot was started.

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