K-12 mLearning

Apps that can be used in the classroom

HudsonAlpha iCell

Description: HudsonAlpha iCell is a free app that shows realistic 3D images of cells (animal, plant, and bacteria cells) and their organelles. It is used on iPhones and iPads because you can zoom in and out of the 3D images with your finger.

Classroom use: This app could be used for reinforcing biology concepts in class and for students to study at home. The app is good for visual learners and may show the different parts of the cell better than 2D pictures and diagrams would.


Description: EarthViewer is a free app that allows students to explore what the earth looked like millions of years ago. It also includes data on temperatures, biodiversity, day length, and solar luminosity.

Classroom use: This app could be used to teach students about biodiversity and ecology. The students could use the real data from the app to do projects or presentations to reinforce knowledge.


Description: Edmodo is a free app that allows a safe outlet for teachers to share assignments and information with students. The app and website can also be used for collaboration. The benefit of the app is students can access Edmodo on their mobile devices.

Classroom use: Edmodo can be used as a or low high transactional distance learning tool because students can access it at home or in class. Teachers can post online quizzes or assignments for students to do at home or conduct online discussions. Edmodo is also a good tool to use in a flipped classroom.

Google Classroom

Description: Google Classroom is a free app that allows teachers to easily and paperlessly communicate with students and organize marks and assignments all in one place.

Classroom use: Similarly to Edmodo, Google Classroom could be used for distance learning where students can complete online assignments or quizzes at home. Teachers can also post supplementary resources such as videos or links.

Poll Everywhere

Description: Poll Everywhere is a free app that is used for surveying or quizzing in real time.  

Classroom use: Poll Everywhere could be used for concept review before exams or for the teacher to evaluate how well students understand concepts. It could also be used for the teacher to receive feedback from the students.