Civil War Journal


Dear Journal,
My name is Lincoln Ferrari. I am from Italy. My life at home is exciting and adventurous. The side I will serve on during the war will be the South. I picked the South because I believed they were the best choice. My rank in the army is Lieutenant General. I have a lot of family (3 brothers, 3 sisters). I'm going to win the war.
Lincoln Ferrari

Journal #2

Francesca: “Hey Fresh fish, go get me some goobers.”

Alex: go skedaddle, I’m top rail #1

Shivam: “Man, I’m all played out from dodging these hornets”

Alejandro: “I’m calling your bluff, possum.”

Peach: “You sure look like you have been through the mill.”

Shivam: It was hard case for sure

Alex:I hear the war is to end soon

Francesca: Ain’t that a hunkey Dorey.”

Alejandro: I’ve been hard knocked up. I gotta go hit the sheets

Peach: I’ll see yall at war tomorrow morning

Journal #3

Dear              ,

  • Write a letter to someone at home. Write about the location of your camp. Describe how the camp was set up, a normal day at camp (drills, chores, etc.), and punishments soldiers might have faced.

Dear mom i  am doing good i am  winning the war i am riting to tell you that  it has bin could thins copole of days and that i am doing so well they want me to be the captain well i have to go read this letter wen you have time.



Journal #4

Jeremiah Handled Interview Questions Jeremiah, when you chose to stay home and take care of my mother.

what caused you to make that choice?because i thought my mother needed me.

Journal #5

I'm writing to tell you how everything is going and how they punish me if i do something wrong. When I'm punished, they tie me up with some rope and put a stick in my mouth. We set up the tents differently than over there. We make the tents a lot bigger and wider.


Lincoln Ferrari

Journal entry #6 -

Create your own marching song and write it in your journal. Have at least 4 verses and a chorus.

we are marching to Victoria ole ole were going to have a victory ole oley we are going to win  but many of people are going to die ole ole

many are dying from sickness ole ole i have witness a lot of pipole ding and a lot of the other team fitting we are tring are best to win the war ole ole we are going to wen the war ole ole we are marching to Victoria ole ole we are going to win the war ole ole.

we are going to win the war ole ole we are ging to beat  the other  and they are going too like it ole ole


Journal 7

Dear Journal,

I witnessed  a bunch of Diarrhea and one soldier also died of pink eye. Some soldiers also died of lung inflammation. I hope I don't get any illnesses the rest of the time I'm here.


Lincoln Ferrari

Journal 8

Going Home: Reflect in your journal about what it was like for you when you got home. Be sure to think about whether you were Union or Confederate and how this will affect your .wen i got home i was thinking of houw much my litol brother have grone sinse i was gone i was happy becouse i got to see my  mom and my Litton brothers

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