Do you think a Mercedes Benz needs car warranty and why?

That a Mercedes Benz comes with a 48 month warranty is enough indication about its reliability. And this is from where all the vacillation in deciding about taking a car warranty begins. People start wondering how much wise it will be to make an additional investment for extended car warranty. Since the car warranty will be from the manufacturer there should not be any doubt about its superior quality of service but it will cost a good sum of money. Car warranty from manufacturers is much more expensive than that offered by third parties. Moreover, if it is taken at the time of buying the vehicle it overweighs the price of the expensive purchase that you are making. How much worth you can attach to the reliability factor of the brand actually decides whether or not to pay for car warranty, without which you could lose some peace of mind. So, what should you do?

Cars are not infallible, so they need car warranty

Despite the enviable track record of reliability of a reputed brand like Mercedes Benz, it can never be concluded that this brand of cars do not breakdown. Machines as they are, cars have its own limitations of wear and tear that can never be ignored. And despite the best care, machines are prone to breakdown, which is a universal truth. Even if nothing has happened during the manufacturer’s warranty period, there is no certainty that the trend will continue even beyond it. And this is perhaps the greatest reason, why there is enough merit in the decision to continue with a car warranty that keeps your vehicle within the manufacturer’s care.

Effects of ageing

The effects of ageing should also be considered when deciding about car warranty. The older the car grows, chances of its failure obviously rises. Moreover, with passing of time, availability of spares also become a problem, especially in the open market. Staying attached to the manufacturer can rid you of all worries about car repairs no matter how old it is.

The price of reliability

Seldom people think about the price that they have to pay for reliability. The cost of cars goes up heavily in order to support the reliability that is achieved by using spares that are backed by advanced technology. But no one has ever thought about the hidden costs that come with it. Spare parts that are used in cars today use such technology to enhance its reliability that once the spare part goes bad, it simply cannot be repaired but replaced. But to get reliable and authentic spares, you have to go to the manufacturer only. And the auto assurance also known as car warranty is the only way to stay associated with the manufacturer who takes care of the vehicle almost in the same way when it was under warranty.

The reliability of brands is enhanced by the support of the manufacturer that you receive during the manufacturer’s warranty period. To keep enjoying the same level of confidence with the brand there is no way but to agree for a car warranty.