Design Technology: Photography

Rosebery Middle School

This photograph was taken using an old camera, using actual film, decades before computers were around. It's famous. Why?

Today, we all take photographs, often using nothing more than a phone. Usually they're not very good. So how do we take great photos instead? How do make our pictures the best they can be? In this unit you will be exploring what makes amazing photography, learning to take beautiful shots of your own, and learning how to edit them afterwards so they really stand out.


The best way to learn something new is when you know you have to teach it to someone else. I want you to assume that I, your teacher, know nothing about photography. You're going to teach me all about it. To start with, here is your first topic.

Who are the best photographers of all time, and what makes their work so great?

You need to do some research, and present what you learn to me. Make a slideshow, write a report, or make a Tackk (like this one). I need to see these elements:

1. A basic biography of at least 3 famous photographers - pick ones whose work you find inspiring.

2. For each of those 3 photographers, a collection of at least 5 of their best pictures. For each one, write a description of why you think it is an example of an amazing photograph.


When you have taught me what you learned, you're ready to move on. The next thing I need to know about is composition: what kinds of pictures it's possible to take, and how to arrange the elements of a shot so they look their best. Add to Part 1 by answering this:

What kinds of shot can you take with a camera? (E.g. close up) For each kind of shot, show me 4 examples.

What are the rules of composition? Describe them to me, and for each one, show me 4 examples.

Don't forget, you will be handing in Parts 1 and 2 for marking before you start taking your own photos!

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