The Rise of Civilization

You will create a TACKK that will convince us to settle in Mesopotamia.  This is an ancient advertisement.  What does Mesopotamia offer that would attract someone to settle there?  

Come to Mesopotamia!!

What does Mrs. Riner want?

1.  Grab my attention!

2.  3 Key Headings to label the following information.

           a.    Location:  Where would people be moving to?  Where is Mesopotamia located?

      b.  Advantages:  Choose 3 advantages of living in Mesopotamia.  Support each advantage with evidence and vocabulary (10 words) from our unit.  (Think about categories such as technology, stable food supply, government, art (culture), writing, religion, and social structure)

           c.    Action:  Create a video to convince us to move to Mesopotamia.  You can use Blabberize to give testimonials of people who live there. They should reinforce the advantages that you stated above. Use the following link to learn more.



This is Jordyn's Example on how to complete your Testimonial.