Motivational Seminar
December 14-17

Controlling Your Stress- December 14, 2014

In this seminar you will learn the valuable art of reducing the tensions that come from an unpleasant situation. You will be taught about keeping a good balance in your life.

Learn from the best Jordyn Strauser about the Drive Reduction Theory.

Identifying Your the Importance of your Senses- December 15th, 2014

During this seminar you will learn that if you were placed into a room that was quiet and dark you may become very bored or sleepy due to sensory deprivation. If there is a big enough demand, we may have an experiment like the one I just described for a couple of hours during the day.

Learn about this from professional Sophie Shelgren.

Addressing New performance goals - December 16th, 2014

In this seminar you will learn the importance of Performance Goals, Learning Goals, Extrinsic Rewards, and Intrinsic Rewards. There are two types of goals you will learn about, the ones explained for you directly under this.

You will learn to identify your performance goals which are ones such as getting a raise or getting a promotion.

Next would be Learning Goals. These goals are ones like, in addition to wanting a promotion, you enjoyed your job.

In addition to these goals, you will also learn about two types of rewards. First, Extrinsic Rewards. An Extrinsic Reward would most likely go along with Performance goals. An Extrinsic Reward would be respect from others or making more money.

An Intrinsic Rewards more then likely go along with Learning Goals. An example of an Intrinsic Reward would be being proud of yourself for getting that raise/promotion.

You will learn about these from motivational speaker Brooke Lemon.

Controlling Emotions - December 17th, 2014

During this seminar you will learn of emotions or states of feeling. You will learn on identifying the emotion you are feeling. Happiness when you are happy, and sadness when you are sad. For example, learning on how you would make a coworker or friend feel happy after a rough day.

Speaker: Riann Dietz

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