Google Tips and Tricks

By Hannah Thayne

Google Conversions

Need to change pounds to ounces? Well Google can give you an answer. If you type in something along the lines of "What's 16 ounces in pounds?" in the search bar and Voila! You can have your conversion right there on the screen.

Google Definitions

You can esily search the definitions of words off of google. Type any word you want to look up, but add definition: in front of the word to search for the definition.

Google Time

Easily search the times in other countries using Google. If you type in the search bar "What time is it in--?"(add a place to replace the -- and without the quotation marks, of course) you can see the time come up.

Google Weather

As well as time you can look up the weather. If you type in the search bar "What is the weather in--" (add a place where the -- are and also no quotation marks) Then you can look up the weather anywhere in the world.

Google Calculator

Have quick access to a calculator when on your computer. There are two ways to access it, one you type in the search bar "Google Calculator" or you can directly import your math problem. + is for addition, - is for subtraction, * is for multiplection and / is for division.

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