Walt Whitman,Harrison M  6th hour

Significant Events in History that Affected Fred's Life: was in the civil war

Walt Whitman Childhood: as a young man at age 9 he has written his first poem he was a kid that couldn't stop helping others and writing short rhyming story's

People Who Influenced Walt Whitman's Life: was his mother and eight brothers and sisters also a friend that brought Walt Whitman into his aid named Stafford

Unique facts...
Walt Whit man left his school from teaching for a wile for the Long Islander newspaper which he sold for ten months then returned teaching.

Walt Whitman was an American poet whose wrote Leaves of Grass

The theme of Walt Whitman's life would be poetry because he was a grate poet and wrote many famous pieces

Walt Whitman's words of advice and what he has taught me is that even if life is hard and with every thing that holds you back you have to push your way through.
he has had help by family and friends but he never put any one before him self

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Walt Whitman was born on 31st of may.1819 and death in march 26 of 1892

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