The Plague Paragraph

By Natalia J.

The Black Death affected feudalism in numerous ways, however the peasants were one of the largest affected groups. The serfs and peasants of many manors desired less work and more pay. Since the plague killed off plentiful people, there was a shortage of workers, making peasants and serfs rare and valuable. Serfs would run away from their manors or demand less work, and get what they want. “Servants are now masters and masters are servants.” Serious peasant revolts also happened at the time, for not lords and ladies not meeting the servants wishes. The Revolt of St. Leu was one of the most serious of these revolts. 168 castles burned, a whole lord’s family massacred, tons of people dead. "The savagery of such revolts and the atmosphere of fear and hatred they created led the ruling classes in the cities to support princes and tyrants who could establish law and order." Peasants were the lower class of the feudal system, and the Black Death rose their position, changing the feudal system forever.

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