Nysias Values

My Mother

I value my mother because she is the father I never had. My mother is my best-friend , she knows everything about me. She has been there since birth and puts up with my smart remarks , attitudes, and teenage moodswings.


I value sleeping because it takes my headaches away. Sleeping is one of my best hobbies , and I love to go home after a long hard day , and take a long nap .


I value music , because not only is is good to listen to , but sometimes the lyrics speak for me.

My Boyfriend

I value my boyfriend because not only is he my boyfriend but he is my bestfriend. He has been there through thick and thin , he seems to be the only one who actually understands me.


I value food because ... it's the only thing that keeps me concentrated on my monthly. You can never get enough of it , especially burgers ,fries, and fried chicken.

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3 years ago

Nysia, great job! I would've maybe tried to find some healthier food to value...but you obviously know how to use the site and have 5 great values! Who doesn't love a nap?!!?