what did i choose? I chose 3-d printing .

why did i choose it? I chose it because i like designing things and making them.

what do i want to learn? I want to learn how the printer works and the way it prints them.

would i like to make this a career? Yes probilily.

The 20% Project

starting sketch up and what i want to learn

so to day we are getting on sketch to start making our designs so we can print with the

printer the printer use similar plastic stuff to weed whackers there's two colors  white and


the  submarine

so i have decided to make a submarine i like this sub because it is big and its a russian

nuclear  sub use in world war 2

this is the submarine i am going off of for my model

the final product

i`v made my submarine

this is my submarine

  testing the model

so we now have to test it for me it will be easy all i have to do is fill up a sink and see if the

sub sinks down with out tipping over upside down. I`m testing to see if the sub will move

how i want it to and sink to the bottom and see if it will go forward other wards

hydrodynamics. A modification i might make is a wing on the main haul of the the

submarine so it will not tip over the and the top will stay level.

this is my submarin

my reflections

my project turned out ok it was looking really good until i dropped it  and the top things

broke. i learned that plastic floats and will not sink also i learned the my sub was top

heavy making it tip over.also if a submarine need's  to be heavy on the bottom sit stays

right side up.my made me want to do this more its like being a inventor or engineer or a

designer i wish i chose something else like drone flying because in drone flying you can

map scale adventure and fly stuff  cause its also fun and sketch up was hard and annoying

it kept deleting my project

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2 years ago

Uh... dude, no offence but i would take a look at the picture again, then redesign the sub, the silos go all the way up to the conning tower, and you need the back thing.

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2 years ago

@GHalsne88 😈