Military Hardware

Thompson Submachine Gun:  Not quite a pistol yet not a full-fledged machine gun.   

Purpose was so that during WWII they would have a lightweight, fully automatic firearm that would be effective against the machine gun.

This effected WWII because it was one of the easiest guns created so that they could have easy transportation.

The Thompson Submachine Gun was used in many wars and battles throughout war times, it was used in a war such as the Vietnam war.

Johnson Light Machine Gun: was used in limited quantities by several forces of the world during World War 2.

Purpose: was to build a semi automatic rifle that would outperform the M1 the Army had adopted.

This effected WWII because this gun was created to over power another gun that was being used so that the would have something more powerful than another.

The Johnson Light Machine Gun was used in many wars and battles throughout times it was needed such as when the Japanese surrendered.

Mauser C96: most recognizable early form semi automatic pistols became the Mauser C96.

The purpose of inventing the Mauser C96 was to create a new form of semi automatic pistols.

This effected WWII because it was another invention of a semi automatic pistol that was made to over power another pistol that was being used.

The Mauser C96 was used in very many wars and battles since it was a more powerful weapon. This Pistol was used in wars such as World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.