The Internet

How does it work?

The Internet is a tool used everyday for various reasons

Some uses of the Internet are to search for information using search engines to locate information others have posted, such as a cooking site for recipies, or in some cases a walkthrough site so gamers can locate hidden items.

The Internet is primarly made up of pieces of information or services that other people or organizations post on it for others to read, see, or use. This information could be a video, word document, or database. Services that help make up the Internet is email, online banking, and anti-virus software.

The Internet is expanded either positively or negatively by users adding new things to the Internet, such as a new web page, service to benefit other people, or a virus and hacking software for harmful purposes.

The Internet is mostly a tool that most people use for various reasons. The reasons depend on what a user wants to use it for. While the Internet isn't perfect, it's useful in its present form and has helped countless people countless times over in some way or another.

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