Ouija, By Colton Knutson

“Ouija” the movie is about a girl named “Debbie” who dies unfortunately. All of her best friends Laine, Pete, Trevor, Sarah, and Isabelle are really sad and decide to go play a childhood game The Ouija Board. They end up interfering with actual spirits that they think are Debbie.

The beginning of the movie starts with how Debbie died and it shows it. When playing the game they thought that they were talking to Debbies spirit but, are they really? They thought it was Debbie because when they asked the spirit who they were talking to and it started with a “D” so they figured it was her. Later on, they did some research on the house she died in and it turns out two people died there before they moved in. The people who died were named “Doris” and “Mother”. Doris has a sister who is still alive and lives in a insane asylum.

The group later on finds a video of her playing the Ouiji Board by herself then they realize that she didn’t kill herself… The reason she died was because she played it by herself, anybody who plays it by themselves dies. Because the spirits take over when nobody is there to witness. Debbie did not know that it would actually call the spirits because she didn’t believe in the board.

They find out more information from the insane sister of Doris. Not 100% sure they are but, they have to trust her anyway because there is no other option. The insane sister tells them to go unsew the lips of the dead sister. She also tells the group to call “Mother” using the board. Laine’s grandmother tells them to stay away from everything, The Board, dead body’s, also the lady.

The spirits are getting a lot stronger. By that I mean they are able to see the spirits about without the Ouiji Board Lense. In order to stop it they have to figure it out themselves.

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3 years ago

Ouija, By Colton Knutson