French Revolution

The events/conflicts that lead up to the revolution

      So I bet you are wondering, how did the French Revolution start? Well, many things lead up to the french revolution. There were conflicts that lead to it. Well, I will try my best to explain what these conflicts/events were that led up to the French Revolution.

      The revolution had been accomplished in the minds of men long before it was translated into fact. This means that before they tried to make sense of the situation and base it on facts instead of thoughts, it was accomplished in men's minds.

        As Alexis de Tocqueville once said, "This contrast between theory and practice, between good intentions and acts of savage violence, which was the salient feature of the French Revolution, becomes less startling when we remember that the Revolution, though sponsored by the most civilized classes of the nation, was carried out by its least educated and most unruly elements.

     So these are two examples of conflicts which caused the revolution.