Ancient Japan

This is ancient Japanese art of a tsunami


Many Japanese Nobles were supporters of the arts. The Heian Court was the center of culture. Many different famous pieces of art came from this age. Therefore this period was known as the golden age of art


Women in clothes of ancient Japanese

Many of Japan's love of beauty came from themselves. They enjoyed elaborate outfits, much like the ones you see above. Fans played an important role in fashion. Many elaborate fans were seen along with the  elegant robes as seen in picture two.


The Tale of Gen

The Tale of Genji is a famous piece of literature written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu. Lady Murasaki Shikibu was a noble women. This Tale was considered to be the first full length novel. The Tale of Genji is about a prince looking for love, who meets several different social classes along the way.


A Japanese painting!

The nobles loved bright and bold colors. Many paintings also appeared in literature. Many had paintings on doors and furniture.


Ancient architecture

The nobles of Heian loved the Chinese architect so they copied it.


The root of Japanese Drama traces back to this time period. Many other arts were skillfully mastered during this time.

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