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MiGadgets : Top Rated LED BULB Supplier in India

Department of Electronics and Information Technology brought out this notification in the wake of sub-standard electronic products – mostly from China – flooding the Indian market,” said a senior BIS official.
Poor quality products are causing health issues and there are safety concerns as well, the official said. Of late, there have been several complaints against sub-standard products that are causing hazardous accidents.
“No person shall by himself or through any person on his behalf manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute goods, which do not conform to the specified standard.
Once enforced, BIS would also inspect the market and manufacturing units and seize goods, which do not have safety clearance. iT has also made arrangements to seize such imports at the customs level.

Why Migadgets LED bulb is best & better
1) It operates till 120- 400 VAC

Migadgets LED BULBs

Other makes / china products are design to work till 240VAC
If AC voltage increase / decrease..All the electrical parameter of bulb also changes.
While Migadgets bulb specifications are still under range even at different
2) Power factor : china bulb <30% ; Migadgets: >90%
Power factor is the parameter, which indicate the how low electrical noise generated by the bulb and send back to the main AC line. Less is the factor, high the noise is generated by the bulb. CFL & Incandasant bulb are also of 30%
3) THD (Total harmonic distortion) in good bulbs should be <20% china bulbs have THD > 50%.
THD should be low, THD meaning is electrical noise , like when drill m/c, grinder/motor work and introduce noise in lighting, FM/Radio/TV ..china make bulb generate many noise in lighting system ..One can check by mobile, take a picture from mobile camera and u will see the noise
4) Due to high AC line fluctuation …and electrical surge,,,many electrical appliances are burnt and damaged.. Migadgets bulbs are safe to operate till 400 VAC, surge upto 2.5KV
5) Migadget LED bulb use the top grade LED chip, and never degrade when operate contiously . They do not become yellow. China bulb become yellow after 3 /4 months.

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