The capital of Cuba is Havana.The major language of Cuba is Spanish Cuba is located in the Caribbean.cubs population is about 11.27 million and Cubans live time is usually about 79 year old. 

Cuba is a peninsula.Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean sea.he Sierra Maestra is the tallest mountain in Cuba and well known because it is home of three wars.

1 Havana , La Habana wit a population 2,163,824

2 Santiago de Cuba with a population 555,865

3Camag├╝ey with a population 347,562

Cuba is next to the Caribbean sea also some of cubas most important water way is

Rio Cauto Cuba

Cuba majorsport is soccer and Cuban is a major ethnic group

popular types of music is Spanish flamenco

Cuba has been communist for many years also you should not travel to Cuba but if necessary u can




the health care is not very good at all

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