The Maze  Days


Does the set up affect the way that water makes paths?

Hypothesis :

We think that the setup will effect the way the water makes paths. For example, if we put a big rock in the middle of the stream table we think it would separate into two paths or more.We will also try to see if the water will over flow rocks in a landslide situation.






In this before, picture we made a closed path to see if the water would make one or more paths. We put the rocks in a closed path to see if the water would go under or over the rocks.

After the experiment we found out that the water only made one large path. The one path caused "earth's  surface" to create a landslide because of all the water pressure and the rocks to move out of place. We believe that the landslide occurred because of the one hole in the cup which made it cause more water pressure on "earths surface" creating a landslide.

second setup

As you can see in this open path set up we were going to see if the water would make two paths, or more.  In our hypothesis we thought it would  make one path.

After the experiment we found out that with the open path the water went through and created several paths which we think was three. The water pressure caused a landslide as well as setup one.


Yes, the set up does affect how many paths the water makes. When we did a closed path and the open path it made a difference because the one that was closed made 1 large path, and the one that had an open path made 3 small paths. We think that the reason the open path made 3 paths was because there was a rock in the middle of the path and when the water hit the rock, it went different ways (around the rock.) This experiment  is like a flood on a street, you  can use pointed rocks to control water in any direction.