52 in 52
Week/Album 3

Blue Album

I wish I had a better recollection of how I ended up with this album I assume I heard "undone (sweater song)" and "say it ain't so" on 107.9 the end and purchased said album. This album solidified my love of what I would later learn is "Power-pop"

From the first cut the jangly guitar to the statement sung "My name is Jonas" ***EXPLODE*** Love it. And we first learn about Rivers control issues in "No One Else" The acoustic lead in "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" I really dug at a time when I really disliked anything acoustic. Then the line "What's with these homies dissing my girl" to the synth western (do we oh we oh)! I could pick out these lovely touches in this album that I have heard countless times and still can through it in to this day unlike "Nevermind" or "40oz to Freedom"

The stand out song is the last song at 8:00 even "Only in Dreams" Killer song structure Killer bass riff and completely haunting! Enjoy the Officail Unoffical Video featuring The Profexxional