By Lourdes Rosa

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I have looked for an ebook which was interesting and clear for children and adults.After having a look to different ebooks, I have decided to choose one of them. Its name is "Heroes and Antiheroes a medial tour". I really liked it when I read it and I think it's a very complete ebook.

In order to evaluate it, I'm going to talk about different aspects:

  1. Quality content
  2. Multimedia
  3. Accessibility
  4. Innovation and originality
  5. Graphics

And I'm going to assess it of 0/3

And I will finish with a conclusion.

Let's see!

Quality content

The contents have a clear and accessible structure.

The ebook features coherent contents which align with the topic, but some of the sections aren't explained a lot.

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Quality content grade: 2/3


The ebook includes various multimedia features which makes  it attractive, such as links.

It's very engaging and motivating for children and adults.

It has the adequate licensed.

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Multimedia grade: 3/3


The ebook is fully accessible, even for small children or children with special needs. It's very clear and intuitive with easy links.

Accessibility grade: 3/3

Innovation and originality

The content isn't really original, although the approach to the topic is different.

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Innovation and originality grade: 2/3


This ebook has a great thing, it has different kinds of graphics. This is a really good idea because with the graphics, we can see clearer the information that the author wants to say. It's faster than read a lot and it's funnier. So good point to stand out in this ebook.

Screenshots taken from: http://online.fliphtml5.com/kime/unxg/#p=7

Graphics grade: 3/3


In general this is a good ebook, very complete and entertaining for kids and adults, because it's is very colourful and attractive.

I think it can improve in some aspects such as the innovation or the content. Always it can improve!

As I said at first, I liked it a lot when I read it, so my final score is 2/3.

And talking of heroes, I want to finish with an interesting link, which I found while I was looking for an ebook. With it, you will be able to watch others kinds of "heroes"

Entertaining and educational, enjoy it!

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