What is the great depression?

1. Started 1929 and ended 1940
2. The stock market crashed
3. No jobs
4. Longest lasting  economy turn down in history
5. Wiped out a million investors
6. Worst year of the depression 1932         7. Left a million Canadians homeless
8. Left millions of Canadian unemployed
9. Need to sell their children
10. Depression ended as soon as world war II started
11. Many died from thirst and hunger
12. Banks closed
13. When the stock market

               How did it affect Brampton?

1. Banks closed
2. Left bramptonians homeless and in hunger
3. People became bankrupt                     
4. Bramptonians died from hungry and thirst

                                 Quiz time
1. When did the the great depression start and ended?
2.How did it end?
3.how did people die?
4. What caused the great depession?


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