Simple Layering

by:Maitlyn & Shianne

What is Simple Layering?

The process does not involve seeds,roots,or removing any part of the plant. Instead a low-growing stem is bent down into a whole in the soil where it takes root andthe original plant goes on as two plants.this process can be repeated many times witth the same plant.

Are there any subgroups?

No, simple layering is a subgroup along with Tip Layering, Mound Layering, Air Layering, and a few others.

What Plants is this method used on?

it is used on woody plants like honeysuckle, rose, forsythia, rhododendron, and boxwoodd from long flexible stems

What supplies will you need?

you will need: 1) tepid water 2) a pot 3) potting soil 4) container to hold soil and water 5) wire coat hanger 6) knife 7) pliers or wire cutters

What are the steps?

Simple layering is accomplished by first bending and covering branches (except the tip, which must be kept uncovered to maintain circulation) with soil nextt you hold them in place with pegs or stones until rooted. In a modified form of this method the stems are laid in shallow trenches prior to anchoring or pegging. The branches are often twisted, scraped, cut, or otherwise slightly wounded on the under side at the points where rooting is desired to encourage the quick formation of roots.

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