Climates of Spain

Hello everyone,

we are Marina Garcerán Conesa, Nerea García Barceló and Alba Marín Cano and we are studing first course of Primary Education in the bilingual group.


  • Understand the different climates of Spain and its characteristics (summarising)
  • Create: designing and making a catalogue where appear the main characteristics of the different places.
  • Analyse: finding information, structuring it and linking with other themes or topics.
  • Evaluate: checking if they have correctly done the catalogue and their creativity.


This activity is for children from 10 to 11.


- Information treatment and digital competence.

- Knowledge and interaction with the environment.

- Learn to learn.

- Autonomy and personal initiative.

- Cultural and artistic competence.


The title of our activity is FASHION CLIMATES, so that we pretend to our students to learn the different climates of Spain through creating a fashion catalogue where will appear the main characteristics of each climate.

This activity is divided in 5 sessions:

In the first session, we will give them some links in which all the information about the different climates appears, so then, they can understand the topic. They are going to find and analyse the information in class, and if they have any doubt, we will help them.

The second session is dedicated to separate the students by groups. Each one will have 5 or 6 students; it depends on the amount of people in class. And we will play a game with the app KAHOOT, in order to the students to assimate and integrate the contents they have explored.                                                                                                                   Then we will assign one climate to each group. Besides, we will begin to explain them the project that they have to do, I mean, the catalogue and the tools that they are going to use.

So in the third and the fourth session they are going to create the project. If they need more time, they can do it at home. As I said before, to do the catalogue they are going to use several tools, like Open Office (to do the pages of this), Photoshop online or another editor online (to edit their photos) and Issuu (to visualize the catalogue online).

Finally, in the final session, they will present their catalogues to the rest of the class and they will be evaluated by their partners and by us (the teacher) in the following way:

On one hand, they will evaluate each others trough some items that we would previously give them.

On the other hand, we (as teachers) will evaluate through the same items, but being more perfectionists. Moreover, we will take into account the personal work and implication of each student.

The items which we have mentioned are:

- Contents (correct or not)

- Originality / Creativity

- Structure (If it is clear and well organized)

These items must be marked according to this punctuation:

1=not achieved; 2=achieved with difficulties; 3=achieved; 4=achieved successfully.



In this photo you can see the three apps that children are going to use to develop this activity.

To know how to use them, we have found a tutorial for each app.


By: Carmen Elena Altamiranda Rojas


By: Francisco Larrea


By: andreaialeja9


- Computers or tablets

- A classroom with projector

- Camera

- Look for the adecuate links to explore the climates

- Make a virtual game with the app KAHOOT

- Make an account on ISSU

- Design a items schedule for evaluating

We hope you like... :)

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