EDTC 5310 Projects

Wednesday, 6/11/14: Web Curation

The web curation tool I selected for this project is Symbaloo. I chose Symbaloo because it will be very useful in my 3rd grade classroom. Symbaloo's interface is very simple for children to use and allows me to categorize different websites into groups and provide links to these websites using different symbols. Completing this assignment helped me realize that I don't only have to use a wiki to compile a list of websites for classroom use. This assignment was a good starting point for me to continue compiling different subject matter websites to use in my classroom this upcoming school year. I intend to use this web curation tool as an alternative to intervention assistance with students that need additional help. I would also like to use this tool as a fun Friday computer activity for all my students.

Friday, 6/13/14: Presentation Tools

I used several new tools today for my Tackk. The first one is Google Drive Presenter. I think this tool will be useful for team planning presentations. I find this to be much easier than using Prezi (and less movement) and allows more collaboration than emailing a powerpoint between group members. The second tool is SlideShare. I have used slideshare in the past to help me find different presentations on the same topic. I won't be able to use SlideShare in my classroom because it is far too advanced for my 3rd graders, but I could see middle and high school teachers using this website to upload their lectures so students would be able to have access to them. The final new tool I used was Tagxedo. I chose Tagxedo over Wordle because I wanted my picture to have a distinct shape. I love the end product! I could use Tagxedo (or Wordle) in my classroom as an introductory method to introduce a lesson or as an informal assessment to see if students have grasped the most important concepts of a unit.

Tagxedo Picture: "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou

Tuesday, june 17: Screencasting & Voki

June 25, 2014: Mind Maps & Ted Ed

Thursday, June 26, 2014: Google Forms & padlet

July 2, 2014: Digital story

July 3, 2014: Student choice

For my final project, I chose to make a trading card. I think this will be a great way to introduce myself to class. This also gives me another way to get to know my students while allowing themselves to express their creativity. I can have each child make two trading cards and we can make these cards into a deck of playing cards, or I can use them to randomly call on students to check for understanding.

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