Jessica's Much Ado Retelling

I want nothing to do with Benedick. He is the most ignorant man ever! But today something strange happened. I over heard Ursula and Hero talking about how Benedick was actually in love with me. This is very shocking, but strangely he has been acting different lately, so maybe this is true. But other then me and my love life lots of things have happened these past few days. Don John the horrible brother of the Prince, has tried ruining everything about love. He let Claudio think that his brother was trying to take Hero at the mascaraed ball, and that Hero had cheated on Claudio with Borachio. My poor cousin has went through so much, she has had to hide away faking her death just so everything can calm down and she can begin to live her life again. Now they have caught Don John in his evil lies, and everything is back to normal, well at least almost everything. My cousin Hero and Claudio got married and shocking me and Benedick are now married. So hopefully everything will becom

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