Vocabulary Assignment

Britney Weaver - Core 2 - 02/28/14 (Due Friday)


Made of clear, crystal glass.

"She wasted her money on getting her 'fortune' read with that stupid crystal ball." Helena told me about Lyn-z.


Tough and strong

He was sinewy, being able to lift two cinderblocks at the same time.


Strong and muscular

The man was brawny with strong arms and was able to lift very heavy weighted things.



The parson could be heard from any pew, with the loud and deep voice he had obtained.


Shaped by hammering

The man wrought the staircase railing, hammering the design into it.


Upper legs and hip legs of an animal.

The dog hopped off of his haunches, and attempted to jump over the fence but hit the fence and fell instead.

(Dogs sitting on their haunches)


Would a dog sit on his haunches if it were running?

It wouldn't sit on them, but it would jump off of them as it ran.

Would you expect a weight lifter to be Brawny?

Yes, because if he was going to be able to pick up weights, you would probably see some sort of muscle.

Who would you expect to have sinewy hands?

Someone who works with their hands, like a carpenter, roofer, or just someone who builds things constantly.

If a glass is made of crystal, is it breakable?

Yes, because crystal is breakable.

Would a parson likely be found in a church?

Yes because a parson is a minister.

If something was wrought, was it made by hammering?


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