The Civil War

Horses were a big part of the Civil War. For some people it was there only transportation.

Slavery was one of the main causes of the Civil War. There were people who were against it and many for it. Abraham Lincoln was the person to end slavery once and for all.

The North and the South were sectionalized. The Northern states favored the authority of the government, while the South favored the states of the states rights, including the rights to own slaves.

During the times of the Civil War many people lost their lives and loved ones too. Approximately 620,000 American soldiers died while fighting in the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln wrote his inaugural address  in 1989.  He focused on his support with the North without further alienation with the South, who hated him. He stated that slaves that come in terms with this clause shall be delivered up, and their oaths will stay unanimous.

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