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Label: OverZelesMusic                                                                                                               Genre: Hip-Hop                                                                                                                   Hometown: San Antonio, Texas (resides in Austin, Texas)    

Education: The University of Texas at Austin (BBA)                                                 Releases: First Flight (2012), The Layover: A Preview [5 tracks] (2014),                              Latest  Releases: The Layover: Grounded, But Still Lifted (3.22.15)


Zeles is a unique guest speaker in more ways than one. His academic, extracurricular, and personal experience come together in the form of songs that communicate messages of hope, struggle, avoidance of peer pressure, and fulfillment of aspirations.  As a former forensics (debate) competitor, McCombs graduate, and businessman, Zeles is an engaging speaker that inspires individuals to excel.  Additionally, his unique background and talent make him an individual that the youth, especially the at-risk students, respond well to and are positively impacted.

While Zeles had a passion for hip-hop and freestyling during high school, it was always his plan to attend, and graduate, from college.  Mid-way through his college career, his passion for pursuing music became greater, but he still maintained his course of first completing his degree. Although, he believed in his skill and potential as an artist, he understood that nothing is promised in the entertainment industry and securing a future with a diploma was essential.  Upon graduating from The University of Texas with a BBA in Marketing, Zeles entered the corporate workforce with an IT Sales company.

After a few years in sales, Zeles followed his passion and began his music career.  To this date, Zeles has released two full length album projects, directed/produced music videos, and performed at several premier venues throughout Texas and the U.S.  His lyrical abilities continue to advance and embody the true spirit of hip-hop, communicating a positive message.

Zeles' passion for songwriting is matched in equal, if not greater, measure as a motivational speaker.   While Zeles enjoys performing in the club/venue scene, speaking directly to the youth is a fulfilling experience that offers dialog and discussion of ideas.

Hosting Zeles as a motivational speaker/performer has proven to engage and inspire students to give forth their best effort, think critically, and pursue their passion.


"Zeles is open minded and just awesome.  I'd like him to come back from future kids. [He] will give them great insight about their future."

- Chris Z., NISD Junior

"[Zeles] was open with us and was very engaging [with a] sense of humor.  He gave us advice to help keep us on track." - Mailayasia T., NISD Senior

"I like [Zeles'] relatable, charismatic presence." - Christina M., NISD Senior

"[Zeles] is very insightful in a relatable manner.  Relating the arts to real life, makes real life make more sense." - Mikayla B., NISD Senior

"I like how real [Zeles] is with us" - Alana M., NISD Senior

"I was really inspired by your songs.  I think you should perform at other high schools because there are lots [of students] like my friend and I who can relate to your music and be inspired." - Matt, Austin Can Academy

"You really [rap] some real stuff that we can all relate to.  You are an inspiration to me and a lot of other students.  You make people like us want to go out and [pursue our dreams]...I would love to have you again at Austin Can Academy."

- Mary, Austin Can Academy

"A self motivated man who's (artist) name says everything about him.  Zeles [engages] the audience with his original lyrics. His beats get the crowd rocking and his words keep them tuned in.  He uses descriptive lyrics to captivate his audience in stead of using profanity to shock them into listening."

- Christina Barboza, RAW Artist Organization (Austin Director)

Shows + Events

Zeles has a highly energetic stage presence and has provided entertainment at a variety of venues, including company and family-friendly environments. Below are some of the Live Venues at which Zeles has performed:

The Belmont (Austin, Texas) - 500+ in attendance

Stereo Live (Houston, Texas) - 700+ in attendance

Backstage Live (San Antonio, Texas) - 400+ in attendance

210 Kapone's (San Antonio, Texas) - 500+ in attendance

City Hall (Denver, CO) - 400+ in attendance

Speak Easy Club (Colorado Springs, CO)

Zeles Contact Information

Manager/Artist Development: Malick Djiba

Phone: 210-288-9445

Email: OZMBooking@gmail.com

For all inquires regarding booking or collaborations, please include all relevant details relating to the project. Thank you.  "Be overzeles."

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