Ballad poems tell stories about whatever you really want. There is no specific subject that you have to talk about. Although ballads are spoken with a musical tone of voice. They also have to have at least two stanzas, and they are all spoken in the same tune. Ballads tend to have a phrase that repeats itself throughout the poem. Ballads are very much like songs, and because of that some people love it, and others hate it.  

Post Tramatic

There is a term for this...this life ...this way. Struggling to make sense of it all..all that was "us" Praying for the knowledge,asking for one more day. I've been told its post tramatic, its a prognosis I must accept. You sucked me in..into your web of doubts...your web of lies. Where I was kept a secert..Where I was without my name. You wanted me kept I would play your game. I asked for recognition..A sign to all you know... A validation of myself...anywhere you'd go.

-Robert Moan Jr.