Justifying Flower Addiction in Five Reasons

Who doesn’t love flowers? One may adore flowers for their appearance, colour, scent or the memories that they bring. Males and females of all age brackets have always been fans of lowers and the supreme success of flower festivals all around the globe supports this idea. Unfortunately, for people living in the cities, access to fresh flowers is very limited. To address this, flower delivery shops and stores became a trend among city-dwellers. For the people living in the rural areas, this is not a problem since they just have to go to their backyard to pick a flower bud in order to bask in the joy that fresh flowers provide. When asked regarding the proven effects of flowers on humans, experts provide the following five events.

Instant mood improvement. Receiving flowers from an online flower delivery shop at the middle of a busy day at work can transform a person from frantic to calm. Aside from this, the person who received flowers is likely to sustain the positive feeling throughout the day and even until the following day. This is because the ripples of effect created by an effort to send flowers can make a person feel valued and appreciated, an event that gives good reason for all the hardships endured by the recipient.

Sharing happiness. Many medical personnel observed that whenever their patients sign the receipt of flower delivery online forms and receive the package, less pain killers are later required by the patient. Doctors also believe that flowers are the best anti-depressant. Flowers can also be great prerequisite to any major medical surgery because it can relax the mind and body of the patient. Hence, an addiction to flowers can help a person share happiness and inspiration to the needy by sending them flowers.

Positive nostalgia. An environmental psychologist said that people remember past events in response to the scent and sight of flowers. A red rose may remind them of the past years’ Valentine’s celebration with a cherished partner while orchids may bring them back to their grandmother’s garden when they were still young kids. Flower arrangements, on the other hand, may remind a person of the high school or a friend’s debut. Consequently, this positive nostalgia brings a comforting feeling to a person and this happened all because of a flower.

Scent therapy. Therapeutic effects of flowers have also been cited worldwide. Some medical practitioners say that lavender relaxes their patients before and after a serious operation or rehabilitation. In addition to this, nature advocates utilize jasmine’s scent to aid patients ailing with sleep disorders. Although the scientific proof of these evidences is not yet fully established, the number of people supporting these claims can’t be ignored too.

Beautification purposes. Mothers are specially addicted to flower and flower arrangement because they believe that these plants are the best tools to beautify a home or any structure for that matter. In fact, many homeowners have partnered with their architects and engineers to build a flower garden on their front and backyards.

Flower addiction can result to the five mentioned positive effects in this article. Depending on the means, a person can create his or her own garden or simply buy from reliable flower shops for a positive boost that only flowers can provide.