Who is Kristy ARdinger?

1.  My home away from home is actually outside!  I love to go backpacking in the mountains, camping, hiking, canoeing and exploring outdoors.  I find that getting out into the middle of nowhere is my safe spot where I can really relax and spend time learning more about myself and enjoying life.

Backpacking in Yosemite National Park

2.  I am a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a wife and a mother (to a 4 legged child, but he's still my baby).  I have one sister who lives here in Minneapolis.  Her daughter Avery will be two in April and they are expecting a baby in July.  

My niece Avery trying on "her" new shoes.

3.  I student taught in New Zealand.  It was my first major trip away from my family and I had an amazing experience.  My experience there was far more enriching than I could have ever imagined.  I met other teachers who I still keep in contact with and the students taught me a lot about myself.  On my last day the whole school threw a surprise "America Day" to say goodbye to me.  I cried for days.    

This is a friend helping with America Day. I still keep in contact with Esther and can't wait to go back to visit someday.

4.  I love long distance running.  I have run 11 marathons and more half marathons than I can count at this time.  I ran cross country in high school and after 3 years my coach never learned my name.  In college I decided I was going to continue running for fun despite the fact that my coach didn't think I was very good.  After watching my first marathon, I decided it was something I wanted to try.  I guess I liked it.  My fastest time was in Fargo - go figure.  :)

Twin Cities Marathon 2013

5.  I do not have children but I have a dog.  He is an Australia Shepherd and he truly makes me smile every time I see him.  He loves to have his butt scratched and sleep.  He went backpacking with us in Montana this summer and although he loves being with us - he wasn't a big fan of the rain.  

6.  I actually LOVE math.  My undergrad degree was Elementary Education with a math minor.  I took Calc 4 and Differential Equations.  I was the only education major in any of my math classes.  I can't say I got all A's, but I sure worked hard and spent a lot of time with all the math professors at UMD.  (University of Minnesota - Duluth)

UMD is located in Duluth, Minnesota on Lake Superior. It is darn cold in the winter, but Lake Superior is amazing. I loved college.

7.  After college I moved to California to teach.  I was hired after the school year started because California classrooms went 20-1 into the school year.  I was placed in a classroom with 40 kids and 2 teachers.  (my co-teacher was actually on Judge Judy for stealing engagement rings).  My 2nd year in California I was trained as a Reading Recovery teacher and I worked with kids 1on1.  My 3rd year, funding was cut for Reading Recovery, so I became a 3rd grade teacher.  I think having to teach a new grade level my first three years of teaching was the best thing that could have ever happened.  It has kept me flexible and willing to try just about anything.

I lived in Rancho Cucamonga. Don't let this photo fool you - it really wan't as nice as it sounds.

8.  On my bucket list is to visit all of our National Parks and all 50 states.  I have 7 states left and I have been to over 1/2 of the National Parks.  I cherish my time in the National Parks and am constantly thankful that there were people smart enough to save public land for everyone to enjoy.

Lassen National Park is in Northern California - and although it is far less crowded than the popular parks, it is beautiful.

9.  I really enjoy the school I teach at.  I have met many amazing students, families and coworkers.  At this school I have taught 1st grade, 1 year as a technology integration specialist for teachers, 4th grade, 2nd grade and now back to 4th grade.  I love TECHNOLOGY and am usually one of the first people to try something new.  This past year I wrote a grant for new classroom furniture - and my students are absolutely loving our new room.

Some of the new benches and tables.

10.  I am extremely excited about the Global Competency Cohort.  I am excited to learn from all of you and I am excited to take my love for learning in a new direction.  I hope to come back to my classroom with new ideas on how we can learn from each other as well as people around the globe.  I love my school - but I want to move beyond the four walls to learn how to connect globally and help my students incorporate diverse perspectives in their thinking and learning.

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