How to Plant a Tree

By Claudia


  • Pottipotki
  • Little plastic tub
  • Plant/Seedling (native)
  • Boots
  • Partner or Group
  • Gloves
  • Place for Planting
  • Shovel
  • Watering can full of water


  • Put on your boots, get the little tub, put the native plants into the tub and go out find a spot to plant were it's moisturised.
  • Grab the pottiputki and push it into the ground but not to deep.( If you don't have a pottiputki available dig a hole with a shovel.)
  • Push down a lever near the bottom of the pottiputki and the bottom of it will open.( Don't pull the pottiputki out!)
  • Gently grab the native seedling and drop it into the top of the pottiputki.
  • Pull the pottiputki out of the ground and push a little lever at the top of the pottiputki and at the bottom of it will close.
  • With your boot push down on the side of the native plant so no air can get to the roots.
  • Get the watering can and sprinkle some water onto the plant.
  • Do tree big steps so each native plant has room to grow. Repeat step 2-9 again until you run out of seedlings.
  • Wait for 6 months and the native seedlings will be a little bigger.