The Moon's Importance
                          Jaxsyn Anderson
                               2nd Hour

The Moon's Role

The moon affects many things. It causes tides, has eclipses, and has many different phases. Eclipses sometimes when  the sun, the moon, and the earth all line up. It can also be if the sun is completely covered by the moon and you are not able to see it. The phases of the moon are the parts of the moon we can see from Earth. Some types of phases are waxing and waning gibbous, or crescent, full moon, or new moon.

The moon has many phases. One commonly known phase of the moon is the full moon. However, there are many more phases also. Such as, the waxing and waning gibbous and crescent, and the quarter moons. These phases affect us here on earth because they cause tides. The moon can also give us light when it is dark. It can be helpful to people.

The moon causes tides. There are two different types of tides. One is a Spring tide and one is a Neap tide. A Spring tide is when the tide is high and it bulges outward. A neap tide is when the tide is almost equal around the earth. Tides occur because of the gravitational pull earth, the moon, and the sun have. High tides can help fisherman.

There are many types of eclipses. Some types are a partial lunar, total lunar, partial solar, and total solar. These are caused when the sun moon and earth are lined up. However they can happen different ways too. On earth if we have a total solar eclipse the sun is completely blocked out by the moon and it gets dark during the day time. A total solar eclipse is rare.

The moon is very important to people on earth. It may give us light when it Is dark out. A full moon would give out the most light. The moon is also helpful because it causes tides. To some people, tides can help them but they must know when a high or low tide will happen. Also, many scientific discoveries have been made by studying eclipses which the moon contributes to greatly.

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