The Silk Road And Marco Polo – Understanding The History That Connects Them

When we look at human history, we will find many aspects without which wit will be simply impossible to reach where we are right now. The discovery of fire.. The invention of the wheel.. The first civilized people of the world.. And the Silk Road..

This one route has been known as the single most important travel routes in the world – a gateway that connected the western world to eastern communities and allowed uninterrupted trade and commerce to flow for centuries. Many historical figures have left footsteps across this road and many important travels have been effected because of the existence of this connecting highway. The Silk Road is truly one of the most important routes the world has ever seen!

There were many journeys made across the Silk Road in history but none of them became more well known and celebrated than the travels of Marco Polo. This Venetian traveller is known to be the first recorded westerner to have traversed across this route and reach China! Let us look closely at the feats that this amazing was able to achieve on the Silk Road.

* Marco Polo was only 17 years old when he embarked upon this extraordinary journey that was about to change his life forever!

* The journey was accomplished with his father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo as fellow travellers. The Polo brothers were actually wealthy and successful jewelry merchants from Venice who used to trade with the east and travel extensively to the region.

* The maiden journey of Marco Polo across the Silk Road took him and his accomplices through Armenia, Persia, and Afghanistan, over the Pamirs, and all along the Silk Road to China. The journey took nearly four years to complete.

* During the journey, Polo passed through all kinds of terrains and climate zones. The travel was actually an adventure to the fullest and Marco Polo revelled in every bit of it. In fact, this affinity to enjoy the uncertain was what allowed him to brave all the challenges that came his way during the journey and reach his destination.

* Marco stayed for a total of 17 years in China. He used this time to travel extensively across the country and learn as much about the culture as he can. His travels brought him to the notice of Kublai Khan, founder of the Yuan Dynasty who began to trust him with many diplomatic missions.

* After his return, Marco write a book about his travels and experiences on the Silk Road. His book is known as Il Milione.

* The book became an instant best seller of its time and was considered as the most trusted source of information about anything concerning the Silk Road. In fact, this book as used as a guide for many future journeys as well, including travels undertaken by Christopher Columbus.

The Silk Road and his travels played an important role in shaping Marco Polo’s life along with the future of international trade and commerce. Visit the for more information.

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