There are a lot of dogs in the world. All of them have their own characteristics, ups and downs, and looks. One of the most popular kind of dog is Labs. Labs are a very fun and graceful pets to own. They also love being outside, in water, and playing in the outdoors.


There is many things to know about labs. This tackk will tell you information such as their fur, description, care, and having a Lab as a pet.

Having a Lab as a Pet

Labs are very fun and loyal pets. One pro they have is they love being outside, and playing in the water. Also Labs always like to play. Fetch, chase, and even more. A con they have is their really young they have a chance of getting a swollen eye, where one pupil is bigger than the other. Another con they have is they shed A LOT. One way to stop that is giving them a bath every 2 weeks and brushing them 2 or 3 times a week.


One good thing about owning a Lab is they don’t have many health issues at all. They also don’t need to be on a certain diet so you can give them any food or snacks you decide to treat them. They love and need to go outside. They like to chew on things, be walked, and play fetch.


Labs are a very interesting animal. They are a large sized dog and have an over bite. These animals can be black brown or gold. They have big floppy ears that flop up and down when they run. Labs have big brown sparkle eyes that look like big Carmel waterfalls.


Labs are soft and furry like most other dogs. They have short but thick fur that makes them shed a lot. They shed mostly in the summer when it’s hot, but not as much when it’s cold. If you have or are getting a Lab you will need a vacuum that picks the hair they shed and a brush that gets the left over hair out of him or her.


Labs are a very amazing animal. They also are very beautiful in many ways. They’re a very loyal and sweet pet to have. Even though they shed a lot they are still worth all the brushing and vacuuming. Now that you know a lot about this fascinating animal, there’s only one more step. To decide if having a Lab is the right pet for you.

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