Hello I am Alysha and I did many exciting things this year. Like:

I went to Disneyland

I went to San Francisco for tour

I went to Michigan

I was in a haunted house

and many other things!

First of all, I went to Disneyland in January! My whole family played a prank on me. They kept on prank calling me! Anyways, I went to Disneyland and had lots of fun riding all of the rides, and hanging out with my family. (even if I almost lost my sister in Cars Land)

In July I went on tour! I am in PCC (Phoenix Children's Chorus) and Concert and Encore choir got to go to San Francisco! We went to the Fisherman's Wharf and stayed in an elegant hotel! We got a free limo ride, and went to Chinatown, too. My parents weren't allowed to come with me, but I still had a lot of fun with my friends. We got to have a party on a cruise ship for one whole night! We had free dinner, and a dance floor! The night before we had to go, we had a huge concert at a college place. after the concert, we got to change into our party clothes and had a huge party! It was the first tour I was on, but defiantly the best.

Later in July, I went to my great aunt's cottage in Michigan! I came with my mom, my sister, and my cousin! We got to relax for eight days. It might not sound like fun, but it was a huge break from my busy summer. We went fishing and had more relatives come over. It was a blast!

In August, school started. It was a totally new school and I didn't know many people at all. I was very quiet on the first day of school. I remember that I wore a white shirt with a skirt. I didn't make any friends until last class, computer science. (with the awesome Mr. Stewart) I met Mikayla Alvarez. Our task was to write on the table in chalk stuff about us. I learned that Mikayla (Kayla) liked softball and drawing. We became friends ever since. (I now call her Kayla).

Kayla and Faith became my good friends and then later, Kylie. My friend, Mya who went to the same elementary school became friends with Kayla too. Mya also met Hailey from her class who was good friends with Kayla, so we all got to know each other better!

In October, I set up a haunted house at my house. It is the third time that we set up a haunted house at our house. We weren't planning to do one that year, but we just couldn't miss it that year. Many people from my neighborhood came to it (our neighborhood was very popular for kids). Our haunted house was called Skull Mountain. Something very interesting happened too. What happened was that a teen and her boyfriend came and they said that the girl bumped her head against something and ended up going to the hospital. The weirdest part about it was that she was lying the whole time!

In November, I had my birthday on November 23rd! I was turning 13 years old, and invited many people to my party! I invited Mya, Faith, Kayla, Kylie, Hailey, Annie, Athena, Kira, and Indre. Faith couldn't come, though. I had a sleepover but only Kylie, Kayla, and Mya slept over. We tried o summon bloody mary, and we thought it actually worked for a second, but it really didn't. We did have fun pranking people! It was the best party ever!

In December, I spent Christmas with my family. We all did the hunger games in my grandmother's backyard with nerf guns. Of coarse, I lost. We then had a fantastic feast and opened presents. I got music books, and a very fluffy blanket.

On New Years, my best friend, Mya came over to my house and slept over. We had so much fun texting people at 1 am in the morning and bothering them. When we celebrated New Years, we screamed and drank fake campaign.

I had a wonderful year, and I hope 2014 is a better one!

These are all of my friends. We were in U.S. History class. They are the best!
My best friend Mya (Right). We went to watch a movie. We watch Saving Mr.Banks!
This is my birthday party! We were in our swimsuits. We were going swimming!
me at San Francisco! I was biking on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was fun!

This is when we went to see Christmas lights after we celebrated Christmas. It was so much fun! I got to see them with my cousins.

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