Heather Shoemaker Wyoming Outdoor Woman

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming is an attorney based in Cheyenne. She is a big fan of the outdoors and when she is not working at her law practice or spending time with her three young children, she can be found riding horses, canoeing, and generally enjoying a variety of activities that let her be outdoors in the beautiful climate and scenery of Wyoming. She loves physical fitness and training as well and works hard to keep up her physical health. She most certainly loves sports of all kinds, especially when the training and hard work allow her to find her physical limits and push past them. That’s one of the reasons why she has gravitated to the growing and popular sport of Crossfit training. Most every afternoon after work she drops in to a nearby gym to take part in her Crossfit classes.

CrossFit is a sport that is growing and is an intense exercise training program. It uses a variety of exercises such as plyometric jumps, timed feats of strength, endurance and dead lifts. She also likes to work in a bunch of additional weight training and lifting techniques that help her achieve more and more. Shoemaker loves to ride her bike as well, which allows her to be outdoors. She loves the challenge of riding a course quicker than she’s ever ridden it before and has built up a schedule of progressively changing rides to train her body up to the point that she can achieve her peak on certain rides.

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