Amish, Irish, and Redneck = democrat?

We're Caucasian. When I look back at my family history I found some similar characteristics. Many moons ago the Schrock family started on an Amish farm. Its hard to look up facts or find pictures do to them being Amish. They lived way up north in Amish country by Nappanee. My grandmother was the first to break Amish at the age of 18 due to an illness. She then gave birth to Papa Bear, and was the first generation of a non- Amish family. Typically many of the Amish don't really contribute towards the political world, but my father became a Democrat. Now to my mothers side she was born in raised right over yonder and across the crick. Her mother came from a large family that lived on a farm and were very poor. The type of farmers who would've been with Shays Rebellion. They suffered greatly through the Great Depression. My grandfather came from to Indiana from Boston. His family were Irish immigrants that came through Ellis Island. He fit our family very well and was a farmer and wood mill worker. Once again democrat... You might say that I come from a very bias family demography that supports democrats. Both of my parents were the first in there families to go to college. My dad received his masters in Social Work at Manchester University and my mom went to IU School of Dentistry and became a dental hygienist. I was born in rural Logansport and that's where we live. It is part of the Rust Belt and the best place ever!! We attend the First Church of the Nazarene.

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