The Three Musketeers

Assignment 1:My story happen's about 200 years ago from 1844 in D'artagnan's home and the story continuse in inn in Meung and then the story goes on in Gascony (at south-west of france)

quote from the story thet help me to understand this: "at an inn in Meung " ,"he is in gascon". (all the information from chapter 1)

Identity Card

name:D'artaganan                             height:1.81                          weight:63

job:soldier                                        hobbies:Horseback Riding   favorite food:beef

thing he likes least:book's                 dream for the future: to be musketeers


The hero of the story lost a letter written by his father at the Tr'eville inn. He got into a fight with someone so his letter fell out of his pocket and landed on the floor. Once he realized that he had lost it be asked somebody if he saw what happened to it. And then he ask somebody if he saw it. The man he asked told him that he's very sorry but, the man who fought him took it! After a short period of time D'artaganan promised himself that one day he will catch the man that stole his letter. A little while later, D'artaganan was looking out of his window and to his great surprise, he saw the man! He quickly ran to the street in order to catch him. He accidently ran into three musketeers while chasing the man. They got really annoyed at him and wanted to fight him right then and there. D'artaganan told them that he doesn't have time to fight then so they told him that they are willing to fight him some other time. Each one of them set a time, date and place and D'artaganan continued on trying to catch the thief. By the time they had finished talking the thief had already escaped. Once D'artaganan realized that he wasn't going to catch him he started to think about all of the fuels that he had planned. He realized that he doesn't have any friends to help him defeat the three musketeers and their friends that they are going to bring. He was prepared to die. And when he came to the place at the time that he set he found that all the three musketeers were there. (A musketeers is somebody who guards the king. D'artaganan was accepted to become a musketeer a small amount of time before he started to chase the thief and bumped into the three musketeers. And then the cardinal guards showed up. (The guards of the king and the guards of the Cardinal fight every time that they see each other). They started to fight and D'artaganan helped the musketeers beat the Cardinals guards. D'artaganan and the musketeers become friends.

I would solve the problem in that I would ask for mercy from the musketeers and do something for them.


The climax was when the musketeers pretended to not be musketeers and they approached the Cardinals. They attacked him and the Cardinals guards at the same time and in one night they killed more than 40 guards. Milady a bad woman but the Cardinals don't know that she is the beautiful friend of the Cardinals, and former good friend of the musketeers, convinced the Cardinals to kill D'artaganan and one of the musketeers because they helped the queen. After that Milady went outside for a walk and the musketeers killed her. After this happened D'artaganan went to the Cardinals and they told him how evil Milady was. D'artaganan told the Cardinals how much evil she was and the bad things that she had done. The Cardinals decided to give to D'artaganan a form for the new lieutenant to fill in and D'artaganan saw that it didn't have a name on it. and then the Cardinals tried to convince D'artaganan to write his name on it and become the new lieutenant but in the end D'artaganan became the new lieutenant for the musketeers.

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