Froggy Learns To Swim

Hero's Journey

The Departure

Call to Adventure: Froggy was forced to go to the pond because it was hot out and his parents wanted said they were going. Froggy does refuse to go into the pond because the does not know how to swim. The ordinary world is on the beach on a warm summer day with a swing.

Supernatural Aid: Froggy has no supernatural aid.

Crossing of the Threshold: Froggy flew off the swing into the pond.

Belly of the Whale: Froggy starts to drown.


Road of Trials: Froggy almost sank and lost his bathing suit bottoms.

Allies: his flippers and his mom

Enemies: fear of swimming

Temptress, Goddess, Atonement with Father: Froggy doesn't go through any of these.

Supreme Ordeal: When Froggy swims on his own for the very first time. Froggy learns to love to swim.

Ultimate Boon: Foggy learns the skill of swimming.

The Return

Return Refusal: "No! No! I don't want to get out!" Froggy doesn't want to go home when his mom tells him it's time to leave.

Magic Flight, Rescue From Without, Crossing Return Threshold: Froggy doesn't have any of these stages.

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