*Price your items at the amount that you would be will to pay.

*We recommend that you price gently-worn clothing at 30-40% off the original price. For new-or near new items we recommend 40-50% of the original or retail price.  

*Some brands sell better than others and can be priced higher due to demand.

*If you are new to consigning, it is best to price on the lower end for your first few sales.


  • Consignors agree to the following terms:
    • Consignors will receive 70% of their sales minus an $5 registration fee (reduced to $2 for volunteers).
    • Items will be acceptable brands, current style, hung correctly, pinned correctly, and free of stains, rips, holes or pilling.
    • Consignors will only bring items that are on our "Accepted Items" and "Accepted Brands" list.  
    • Tags will be printed on white or light colored cardstock paper using the Draft or Normal print setting on your printer.
    • Items requiring batteries will have working batteries in them.
    • Items with mulitple parts will have all parts with them.
    • Clear packing tape will be used for securing tags to items that cannot be pinned.
    • No items that are on the CPSC recall list will be accepted.  Please check the current list at

                For any other questions e mail us at:   or