The story of King Midas

king midas and his golden daughter

the faves

i will be talking about king midas and different things about him

favorite song billionare travie mccoy and bruno mars

this is king midas' favorite song because the thing he loves the most is money and gold which is what the song is talking about

favorite movie tower hiest

now the reason this is his favorite movie is because it has to do with stealing GOLD

favorite vacay spot san fransisco california

san fransisco

this is where he likes to go as a vacay spot mainly because there was a gold rush there and it is nice

favorite foods

fried food <3

basically all fried food is his favotite but just eats the fried, GOLDEN part

favorite sport quittage (harry potter sport)


midas loves this sport because instead of just catching a regular ball you catch a flying golden ball!

favorite tv show the simpsons

well look at the difference! any way the yellow-ness is why he loves the show


donald trump

donald trump is his best friend because they both are rich and love money


king midas favorite hobbie is gold digging (both ways)


pet peeves

the pet peeve is homeless people which is messed up but he hates poor people but loves money


other important facts

king midas DOB was around the 2nd millenium bc

was born at phrygion

family= daughter, Gordias(father), and himself

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