Recruitment and Selection

Job advert- A job advert is usually seen in newspapers or online, and are for people who would like to have a job but you would need to apply with an application.

cv- A cv is something you put your life achievement and personal things to show you are up to standards for a job.

application form- An application form is when you tell your job your applying for everything about you and they see if you are up to standards. you give it to them in handwriting or online.

job description- A job description is a short paragraph telling you exactly what your role in the job will be.

person specification- This tells you about the type of person the job is looking for, and the interests that they need.

shortlisting- when you get all your applicants together and shorten it down to about 3 or 4.

interview- An interview is when you go to apply for a job and explain in person all your interests and why you are good for the job.

references- a reference is when you leave your details so the employer can contact to see if whatyouspoke about was true.