Soccer, A Show, and Supper

I was very busy yesterday, and didn't get a tackk in, so this is for yesterday. In the morning, we went to my sister Belles bffs soccer game. This was State Cup so it was very important. Unfortunately, she lost, but she played very well! After that, me, my mom, and Belle stopped at Robeks for a quick smoothie! After that, we were back on the road. When we got home we had to eat and get ready. My sister and her friend, the one who played the soccer game, and I all had to go to a family friends dance recital. Before we ate a crab sandwich that was really yummy! Then we had to get ready to go! They did a great job dancing, but it was the longest show. They had 51 dances. It was over around 8:15. Our friends were coming over for a cocktail, so we had to get home.   We had shrimp and chips. There kids came over and we had races in the golftcart. They left around 11:30. All tho it was a long day, it was a fun day!  

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