Mabel the Teenage Witch

      Cloverdale High School was a simple school that was made up of small classes of about one hundred students. CHS had the popular football and basketball guys, the biology geeks, and the “mean girls” that played volleyball. The school excelled academically and the sports outperformed any competing schools. The football team had an undefeated season, boasting a state title for the twelfth year in row. It was clear to anyone that attended CHS that 1) you needed to be a genius or 2) you had to be a star athlete. Anyone that did not meet these requirements applied to other schools because they knew that they would not fit in at CHS.

      For the stunningly beautiful 16 year old girl named Mabel, going to Cloverdale could be a great experience where she could meet many new people and challenge herself academically. Mabel had been homeschooled ever since kindergarten and didn’t have many friends. Her parents believed that she would fit in well, especially her father. In January of Mabel’s eighth grade year she applied to Cloverdale but doubted that she would be accepted. On March tenth, the same day as Carrie Underwood’s birthday, she received a letter in the mail from Cloverdale High School informing her that she had been accepted! Mabel had mixed emotions of her acceptance.

      That spring, summer, and fall were a blur and the first day of school came quickly. Mabel had spent the past five months worrying and preparing, but finally felt she was ready. She had her #2 pencils sharpened and a new backpack that would fashionably carry all of her dreadful, pointless, and heavy books. Mabel went to bed early the night before to ensure she would not sleep through her 5:45 AM alarm. The next morning she successfully curled her long golden brown hair and put on a cute pink dress that matched her pale skin tone. Her makeup was perfect with a light shade of pink on her lips. She looked gorgeous as always and didn’t even need to try. She put on her black shoes and walked out to her car. Her mom took a few pictures and kissed her daughter goodbye. So far nothing could possibly go wrong for Mabel.

      Mabel drove to school with her music turned up trying to drown out her nervous butterflies. She parked her silver car in the parking lot and walked up the long sidewalk to her new school. Her early arrival time allowed Mabel to walk around the school, find her classes and meet her teachers. The morning bell rang and her first day at CHS and of being on a real school schedule started. For the first few days she ate lunch alone because she was so shy and did’t know anyone. The first week of classes were academically challenging for Mabel and she struggled meeting people. On Friday, Mabel still didn’t have people that talked to her and she noticed the popular girls whispering about her in the hallways on her way to class.

      The next week started out worse as Mabel found out she had an essay due the next day about how cell phones and microwaves can cause cancer in humans. She decided to stay after school in the computer lab and work on her essay. Some other students in her class stayed as well including one of the volleyball players that was whispering about her the week before in the halls. Mabel stayed focused and was almost finished when the power went out.

      A thunderstorm and strike of lightning were unexpected and none of the students had time to save their essays. Mabel and her classmates had been working on their essays for the past two hours and many began to freak out and panic knowing that they had lost everything. Mabel quickly tried to think of a way to bring back her essay but the deletion was irreversible, at least for a normal person.

      Mable, however, was not a normal person. She secretly had been born with magical witch powers given to her by her father. Mable contemplated using her powers to bring back her essay that took forever to type but determined it would be too risky because others may see her. She sat in the lab thinking even longer and then impulsively, but discreetly, decided to use and undo spell to bring back her essay. Mabel finished, saved, and quickly printed her completed essay. She thought no one had seen that she used her magic but after she left the lab the volleyball player immediately announced to the room that the new girl had somehow “magically” cheated and was able to recover her essay. The students in the room started yelling and saying how Mabel was a freak and that no one should talk to her and if you did, then you would also be considered a freak.

     The following day there were only four people who completed the essay including Mabel. The other thirteen students in the class told the teacher about the power outage that caused them to lose everything. While the teacher contemplated what to do, a football player in the front of the room blurted out that Mabel had cheated on her essay and somehow “magically” completed it. Mabel sat in the back of the room embarrassed and mortified. She thought she was careful not to let anyone see her using her magic but obviously someone did and now the whole school knew. The embarrassment was too much for Mabel to handle and she ran out of class. That night her house was toilet papered and egged and mean notes were taped to her door and car. Students attending Cloverdale obviously didn't like cheaters at their school.

     Mable didn't tell her parents what had happened and the next day she skipped school and caught a train to the middle of a busy city. It was dark and raining and she had no where to go. She found a Starbucks that looked warm and inviting and went inside and ordered a frappe to calm herself down. She sat at a window seat, looked out the windows that were being hit with rain and decided how she would handle going back to school and thought of how to explain it all to her parents. After finishing her drink she saw the television alerts that police were looking for her and Mabel broke down and began to cry. A Starbucks barista, also a teenage girl, saw her, and with the store empty, she went over to talk to the crying Mabel. Mabel was hesitant at first to tell the barista anything but ended up telling her everything. The young barista made another frappe for Mabel and the two shared a special girl talk where the barista convinced Mabel that she should go back to school and prove to people why having magic witch powers is such a cool and special thing.

     After their talk, Mabel cheerfully decided she could deal with the problem of being a witch and use it positively just like the barista said. The teenage girls hugged and the barista wished Mabel good luck and gave her a segway to get home.

    It took Mable a little while to get the hang of driving the segway. She crashed into a few poles before finally realizing how to work it. Mable made it home with minor bruises from the crashes and immediately ran to her father. Her father listened intently as she explained everything that happened at school in the computer lab. He seemed mad but when Mabel stopped talking her father gave her a big hug and kiss and said, “I’m so thankful my little princess made it home. I’m so sorry for everything that happened and even more sorry that I didn't warn you about using your powers at school.”

      Mabel hugged him again and said, “I’m glad that I’m home and I just want to sleep and go to school tomorrow.”

      “I understand, I should have told you earlier that I did the same thing with my magic powers when I was in high school.” Her father continued to talk while Mabel's mother walked in the room and they gave each other long hugs.

      Mable’s mom said, “Please don’t ever run away again. I was so worried but I’m just glad you’re home and you are safe.”

      “Me too, me too. Now if you don’t mind I just want to go to sleep so that I can go to school tomorrow.”

      At the same time her parents said, “Of course.”

      Mabel went to her bedroom where she went to sleep quickly. She awoke the next morning and decided she would be positive and not let anyone bring her down. At school she got a lot of weird looks and mean comments but she continued to smile and stay positive. Just like the days before, she sat down for lunch by herself. As she was eating, the same football player that told the teacher she cheated a few days before, sat down next to her and began apologizing. They talked for the remainder of the lunch period.

      Weeks went by and Mabel slowly began to talk with more people and make new friends. She no longer sat alone and didn’t hear people whispering about her. The next time she used magic at school was to make the school lunches better. That was very popular with all the students which resulted in everyone talking to Mabel. She became a popular person at CHS and was a role model to others as she used her magic to help people whom she saw struggling with things. Finally, Mabel believed that she belonged at Cloverdale High School.


      Oh, by the way, after graduating from CHS, Mabel went on to prove how cell phones and microwaves cause cancer...

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