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                            An Art Worth Learning – Quilling

Most people might not have heard about quilling, but it is an art worth knowing and worth learning. It is very simple to do and you can create almost anything out of this like cards, paintings, decorative items, stationary items etc. No matter what your age, whether you are a child or an adult, you can simply pick up quilling paper and get started with your very first project. If you are looking for assistance to start with the project you have undertaken then you can refer to different websites that would be able to help you such as Quilled Creation. Here, you would get everything that you need from quilling paper to the different tools that would be able to assist you. You can also get ‘do it yourself’ projects and kits which are a great way to introduce your child to this amazing hobby.

Now, many people wonder exactly what quilling is. It is a form of handicraft wherein strips of paper are rolled, shaped and then finally glued together. By making use of this technique you can create many decorative items. Your gifts would not be very expensive and would also have the handmade touch. People not just make cards or pictures out of this but also make use of quilling supplies to make jewelry, decorate boxes, models, mobiles etc. You need some basic things to get started such as quilling cards. You would need thick paper when you do quilling otherwise it would not stay firm and might not give the desired effect. There are different kinds of papers that one can buy such as corrugated paper, graduated quilling paper, two tone quilling paper and even metallic or jeweled quilling paper. Graduated paper has different shades of the same color and is a good option if you are looking to create flowers or anything that naturally has different shades. Two tone quilling papers are also an option and are similar to this but they have two dominant colors, instead of different shades you have the same color throughout on two sides. Acid free quilling paper is also becoming a good and popular option for quilling projects. You need to decide which kind of paper would be the best for the project that you have undertaken. Since quilling is based on paper your selection has to be very carefully done otherwise you will not get the desired result.

In general, quilling is a very artistic hobby and you can see it around you in many places. Quilling is commonly used in making picture frames, work baskets, tea caddies and even storage cabinets. The tools that can be bought online for your quilling projects make it a little easier to plan and execute the design you have in mind. This includes shears, quilling needles, and even beginner kits for those who would be attempting this for the very first time. Many people also merge the art of quilling with embroidery and painting and the result is marvelous.

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